Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Cheesy Egg Croissants

These are the words that I hold very close to myself these days - the definition of true happiness, a feeling which arises when we realise that our life is not really meant to be the way we want it to be, but the way He wants it to be...

I first had these cheesy egg croissants at Dunkin Donuts here. It just goes so well with a cup of their coffee. After having it at the store, I really wanted to make it at home, just for the simple reason that it is so easy to make plus it hardly costs anything to make it at home. While I paid almost Dhs. 12/- for this sandwich, when I calculate what goes into it, I spent only one-third of that cost! Actually, it is always that way still thanks to our laziness, we love to pay the hefty amount to make us feel nice. :) If you crave for a decked up croissant, then just try this. I am sure you will definitely love it... :)

Cheesy Egg Croissants
Serves 2

Monday, September 01, 2014

Fereni - Persian Rice Flour Pudding

The IFC successfully completes its one year! It definitely calls for a celebration, doesn't it? Considering that last month was the anniversary month, group members were provided with a list of favorites recipes from various cuisines that were tried over this one year and were given a chance to select that fancies our attention. I have already mentioned earlier in my very first IFC challenge, the Dampfnudels that it was the Iranian cuisine challenge that prompted me to join this group, so I eagerly skittled into the list to see if there was any, and yes, there I saw what I really wanted to make - the Fereni!!!

Fereni is a Persian milk based pudding, thickened by rice flour. This is so similar to the Phirni that we make, but which is made with crushed rice, not to mention it almost tastes like a cousin of the Arabic dessert, Muhallabia. After all, some of Indian and Pakistani cuisine does have a heavy influence from Persian cuisine and vice versa. It was Savitha who had hosted the Iranian cuisine challenge, so after going through her recipe, I went on to read a few tips from other bloggers to better the process. I found that the consistency of the fereni differs as per individual liking. If you want it more thick, add more rice flour - as simple as that! Finally, I referred here and here and made up my fereni. Do refer to the notes below for better results! This is the recipe that I had cooked and clicked when I was on vacation, so I had quite a bit of my relatives to test-taste it, and Alhamdulillah, it was well accepted, though the idea of a really simple dessert like this normally takes a little bit of time to digest! :) Personally speaking, I loved it a lot, and I may find myself making this frequently, when I run out of ideas. As per the links I had read, this dessert is served to a person down with flu, so that becomes another reason to make it whenever I feel! Hehe... off to the way I made it...

Fereni - Persian Rice Flour Puddings
Serves 8

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Be My Guest - Raagi Rose Hareera

Blogging brings about new friendships. People that you have never met, but still connect you through the common element. Such a friendship that I have developed is with Umm Fathima, who blogs at My Kitchette. Once, she pinged me on my GTalk through my email address. She told me about her blog, how she came across through my blog through my comments on other blogs. She mentioned that my comments were what made her feel that she would be comfortable with me as a blogger friend. From then on, for the past three months, we have been chatting on and off regarding our children, their school, our places, and common things under the sun!

JazakAllah Umm Fathima, it indeed shows your beautiful mind if you have felt that I was a comfortable person to be with. Not that I am a good person, definitely Alhamdulillah striving to be a better person at every given moment of time... but if the person on the other side feels that you are a person to have friendship with, then it is the beauty in the mind of that person for sure! As a part of our normal chat, I just casually popped a question to her as to whether she could do a guest post on my blog. She was really excited. Very soon, I had an email in my inbox with the post and recipe. That was really quick, dear!

Do visit her space for some really interesting fusion recipes, just like this Avocado Oats Idli and Black Gram Vada. Meanwhile, let's move on to see what she has bought along with her for this lovely guest post...

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tomato Rice

I was just wondering how fast time flies. The summer vacations for the kids are almost over. They gear up for their next term at school from Sunday onwards, which means that my routine also goes for a change. Now starts early sleeping, early waking up, racking my head over the snack box and breakfast, uniforms, books, studies, traffic, etc... the 18 hours awake will be a test of patience! With two going to school and with different timings, it gets all the more difficult. Without my usual support of parents around, it is time for me to set up schedules and have time tables for each and every activity from now on for the kids and myself. Both of them are excited about going back to school with their books and to meet their friends, which is such a relief, however the thought that Rasha will be having her exams in a couple of weeks time and that she has not touched any of her books during this vacation gives me a lot of goosebumps. She is just in grade 2 and I really hate to push, unfortunately, marks and grades are all that matters these days and I don't feel like wanting her to feel left out or behind from her classmates. Maybe I just should take a deep breath and take things as it comes...

Making a simple lunch is a challenge in our home, especially since we are so used to umma's routine of matta rice, curry, fish fry and pappadam. Being a working mother, I make such elaborate lunches only during weekends and resort to quick fix meals over the other days. One rice I love to have is tomato rice, as it pairs well with almost everything - a simple vegetable stir fry or the previous day's chicken curry. Off to the way I make it...

Tomato Rice
Serves 4

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Maharashtrian Gavachi Kheer/ Whole Wheat Payasam

Some posts can be tinged with some sadness. Just like this one - due to lagging response, Divya has decided to call off her once-successful South North Challenge and this month happens to be the last challenge.I am sure she must have a hard time taking this decision, as this has been her baby ever since she has had her blog and I have seen some active participation, which is one of the reasons I became a part of this group. However, off late, the response has not been very enthusiastic. I would not say that I was regular with my challenges. I have already mentioned during previous SNC posts that the importance given more for sweets have kind of made me wary of participating, not because I don't love sweets - then there would be no justice to my blog name! - but the calories in North Indian sweets have always made me really worried. Yet, I would wait eagerly for the monthly challenges to see what was on challenge and try my level best to participate.

For the last challenge, both teams selected sweets - Manjula with Maharashtrian Gavachi Kheer and Sandhya with Badam Halwa. The time I saw the challenge, I had intended to participate, despite my travelling plans and tight schedules. Since it was not much of a work, I made the kheer as dessert for lunch over the weekend and we absolutely loved it. Very similar to our Gothambu payasam, with just some variation in the procedure, the end result is a thick creamy payasam, which can be enjoyed without feeling guilty!

Maharashtrian Gavachi Kheer
Serves 4
Recipe adapted from here