Koonthal Chorum Parippum - Squid Rice with Dal

Some days are not meant to be the way it is meant to be. Like, for the past couple of weeks, traffic has been at its worst and reaching office and going back home has been a nightmare. I would sheepishly admit to my colleagues that more than working, it is the driving (or rather sitting in the car idle!) that is making me feel tired. Once you are home and you are late, you are definitely in no mood to do any cooking, but then you have to, so what you try is minimal cooking! :)

This is my mom's signature dish. My mom makes it to perfection and my elder daughter, Rasha loves it so much that this is the only meal that she goes for a second serving!!! I have made it a couple of times and it has turned out great, even though  I will not compare it to how umma cooks this! Squid is something that  I can't eat except in boiled condition, due to allergy reasons, and that explains why this is the only squid meal I enjoy making and eating. Yes, you can call me selfish!!! Hehe...

I'm jotting it down here, so that I can refer back to it anytime I forget the steps (and it always happens!) and you guys can try as well. This is comfort food at its best, I should say!!!

Koonthal Chorum Parippum
Serves 4-5

Ingredients for the Koonthal Choru:

2-1/2 cups rice - Palakkadan Matta (brown rice)
500 gm squid, cleaned and cut into pcs
3 green chlillies, slit
1 tbsp fenugreek
Handful curry leaves
5-6 shallots, sliced
4 tbsp grated coconut
Salt to taste
1 litre water


Put all the ingredients into a large pressure cooker and give it a nice stir. Keep the cooker on meduim-high flame till the first whistle comes through. Lower the pressure and cook on your lowest flame for another 10 minutes. Switch off the flame and let the pressure go on its own. Open your cooker and mix the rice once more to combine all ingredients well. Serve hot with dal, any pickle and pappadam!!!!

Now off to the side dish that complements this meal so well...

Ingredients for the Parippu:

1/2 cup masoor dal, washed and soaked for 15 minutes
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
Salt, to taste
1 cup water
To grind:
4 tbsp grated coconut
2 green chillies
1 1/2 inch pc ginger or 1 tsp ginger paste
1/2 tsp fennel seeds
Salt to taste
To temper:
1-2 tbsp coconut oil
1 tsp mustard seeds
5-6 dry red chillies
Curry leaves


Cook the first four ingredients in a pressure cooker till the dal is mashed up. Grind the ingredients under "To Grind" and keep aside. Heat a "chatti", pour the oil. Once the oil is hot, splutter the mustard seeds. Add the dry chillies, crushed with your fingers and curry leaves and saute for 30 seconds. Add the cooked dal and the grinded masala and mix well. Simmer for 5 minutes till the flavors mix. Serve with the koonthal choru. The dal would be thick without much water content.

I am linking this to an event, Dish in 30 minutes by Sara's Kitchen. Glad to be participating!!!

Also linking it to the Mummy Ka Magic event on Kachu's Delights!!! :)

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