Pazham Nirachathu - Stuffed Plaintain

I will again go for a complete Kerala snack - in fact, this item is more known in the Malabar (north side of Kerala) area than anywhere else. Plaintains are available in plenty in Kerala and it is quite nutritious for adults and children alike. Some information from Wikepedia:

Plantain is a carbohydrate source. Its utilizable protein content as percentage of calorie ingestion is higher than sago and cassava, but is much lower than other staples such as yam, maize, rice, potato and wheat. On per gram consumed basis, plantain's essential amino acid concentrations are very low, even lower than cassava. The low fat content of plantain, coupled with its high starch content, makes it a possible food for geriatric patients. It may also be a possible food alternative for people suffering from gastric ulcer, coeliac disease and in the relief of colitis.[13]

Let's get going to the recipe now. This is one way of making this snack. I will put another way in the notes, which I am not very fond of making because the taste is entirely different, therefore I prefer the hard way. I, being a lazy cook, this interest is strange!!! :) Off to the recipe...

Pazham Nirachathu
Serves 2


2 meduim sized plantains, skinned
Oil, to fry
For filling:
1 tsp ghee
1/2 cup grated coconut
2 tbsp sugar (upto your sweetness levels!)
4-5 cashews
4-5 raisins
A pinch cardamom (optional)
For dough:
2/3 cup wheat flour (aata)
A pinch salt
Sufficient water
Little oil


First, let us prepare the filling. Heat a small saucepan, put the ghee and allow it to heat. Once heated, add the cashews and raisins and do till raisins get puffed. Immediately, add the coconut, sugar and cardamom and stir properly till roasted. The crispiness is totally upto you. If you want it really crispy, you can fry longer but then I prefer to keep the coconut biting raw, so I don't roast for too long. Switch off and allow to cool.

Prepare the dough, just like how you would do it for poori. Once kneaded, put a little oil on your hands and knead the dough again very well. Keep aside for 10 minutes.

Slit the bananas in plus shape and fill in with the coconut, ensuring that the sides don't get broken. Divide the dough into two, roll it like you would do for a chapathi. Put the plaintain into it and wrap it. Tightly press the sides and the edges to ensure that it does not open up. Repeat this for the next plaintain as well. 

Heat oil in a deep frying pan. You don't need to necessarily deep fry, but shallow frying will not cook the wrapped dough properly. So, pour the oil to cover the bottom of the fry pan that you are using. Once the oil heats up, put the wrapped plaintains and fry till all sides are browned. 

Enjoy it with a cup of hot chai!!! :)

1. The filling is your choice. Instead of roasting in ghee, you can just combine up all the ingredients and mix properly.
2. Instead of doing the dough, you can make a paste out of maida and water, and cover up the slit edges till it cannot be seen out. Then you can shallow fry the plaintains. But seriously, I don't like it because it tastes more like boiled and stuffed plantains!
3. For the dough, you can use maida as well. Since aata is much more healthier, I use it. 

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