Carrot Pudding

After posting 18 recipes, I finally showed my little blog to my HD. He was kind of surprised plus happy as well. He somehow never thought that I would even do a recipe blog, especially knowing the lazy cook that I am. There is no surpise that he was surprised! :) Hehe... He is happy for me and wants me to keep posting as long as I make something interesting. I'm glad that he is supportive... After sometime, I guess I can hand over the mantle of having to take the photographs for me, because he is a much better photographer. But then, to get his time is quite a big difficulty. Hopefully, later I may have some decent looking pictures...

OK, now stopping my chatter and going off to the recipe...

I like to call agar-agar a life saver. You can literally make a pudding of anything with this wonder-weed  I always have a packet with me for my emergency services.You can prepare any type of pudding and just add some agar agar to set and voila!!!

This is one very easy pudding, which just involves some juicing and setting, that's it! Without much delay, off to the recipe...

Carrot Pudding
Serves 4


3 meduim carrots
1/2 tin (200 ml approx.) condensed milk
300 ml milk
5 gm agar-agar, melted in 50 ml water


Peel and cook the carrots till soft and mushy. Add all the ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. Pour into an small glass pan and leave it to set in the refrigerator. Serve it cold, topped with almond praline or chopped nuts.

Note: With the above quantity of condensed milk, the pudding is mildly sweet. The more sweet you want, you can add more condensed milk.

Very easy, isn't it?

Linking it to the Agar agar contest sponsored by Marine Chemicals and hosted at Food Corner.

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