Crunchy Cornflake Cake

I am a big collector of recipe cutouts. Wherever I go, I see if I can take in a few magazines which have some interesting recipes that I can cut and paste it into my "recipe scrap book" and then refer to it whenever I am in a mood to cook something new. I am sure many of us have that habit of doing this, apart from the umpteen number of recipe books we collect! I have already taken a full section of my cupboard which is almost 80% full. I have a few cookbooks that I had ordered from Amazon and Book Depository on its way, which I am not aware what the sizes would be, but then I am sure once they are in, I will have to rummage around for a brand new spot for my future cookbooks and scraps, or shift everything to a brand new place - both which at the moment, does not look very promising!

Today's recipe is again a dessert - or rather, a snack item, I should say. One recipe that I had got from my scrap collection. It had a rather strange name. I guess it's referred to as a cake because it sets in a loaf pan, but no baking is involved whatsoever. It is just a little bit of cooking, mixing and setting, that's it - so simple!

I know - the words "crunchy" and "cake" don't seem to go along with each other. But then when I tried out this recipe, it did look like a cake and it was crunchy. A yummy snack, at its best. I had made this as a dinner dessert and it remained for the next day lunch dessert as well. What I liked in this is that the cornflakes - which give it the crunchy element - remained crunchy in-spite of being in the fridge.

I know the picture doesn't look great - I was trying to photograph with the 50mm lense and thought the pics were good, but once I opened on my system, they actually were blurred!!! :( Time to test my eyesight, I suppose...

Crunchy Chocolate Cake


200 gm cooking chocolate (I used 56% cocoa)
50 gm butter plus more for greasing pan
100 gm cornflakes
3 tbsp honey


Butter a small loaf pan generously and keep aside. In a saucepan, melt the chocolate and butter until smooth and there are no lumps. Add the honey and mix well. Add the cornflakes and stir vigorously till the cornflakes gets coated well with the chocolate.

Take the pan off from the flame and transfer the mixture into the loaf pan. Flatten up the top and leave to cool. Wrap in cling film and leave it in the refrigerator till well set.

For serving, run a knife slowly on the sides of the pan and push it on to a plate. Slice and serve!

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