Melon Icecream

Somehow, I seemed to reminisce school days today. I don't know what was the beginning, but then all of a sudden, I felt very nostalgic. Our school wasn't that great, we had separate shifts for girls and boys but then I had a bunch of awesome classmates that made up for all the shortcomings. We had a lot of innocent fun in all ways and thoroughly enjoyed our limited freedom in whichever way possible. A lot of laughs, snide remarks, comments, leg pulling, and what not? Girls, I really miss those days. I have kids now but still whenever we get together possible, we talk and laugh so hysterically that our kids feel their moms have gone mad! :) Can't help it though... I've never seen my mom get so excited about being with her friends, so when I am really enjoying my time, I feel nice. I want my children to also want to have their little bunch of friends, who can always come around at a time, if not all but some, and have an unrestricted time of laughter and chatter to forget all the mini pressures of the world chores.

Sigh... I think it is time to ring up my school mates and tell them loudly that it's time for our next meet up!!! :) One thing with nostalgia has to do with ice cream. Whenever we get a chance to sneak out of the school campus (definitely high risk!), we used to gorge up on some ice cream and sneak in back.

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Once I got the hang of making ice cream at home, I have always wanted to try out much more flavors. Will definitely post some of them that I have made slowly and steadily. Despite the glitches in the smoothness of the ice cream, nothing can beat the feeling of eating ice cream made with your own hands. I have recently got myself an ice cream machine, but yet to open the box!!! Hopefully, soon!!!

I got this recipe from a cut out of one of the BBC Good Food issues that I had. It just asked to you "melon", so I went ahead and used the big cantaloupe melon (Shamaam, as called in Arabic) that I had in my fridge and make this ice cream. Do refer to the notes below for a better tasting one!!!

Melon Icecream
Makes 1.5 litres (approx)
Recipe Courtesy: BBC Good Food magazine


3 tbsp custard powder
1 tbsp sugar
600 ml milk
150 ml single cream
1/4 tsp vanilla essence
200 gm condensed milk
750 gm ripe melon, deseeded, flesh peeled, and pureed


Blend the custard powder, sugar and 2 tbsp of milk to make a smooth paste. Boil the remaining water in a saucepan and heat until almost boiling, then gradually add it over the milk and mix well.

Bring back to boil for 1 to 2 minutes. Cool for 5 minutes, then stir in the cream, condensed milk and vanilla essence. Pour this into a plastic container and freeze till half set - around 2 hours. Take it out from a freezer and transfer to a larger container. Beat until smooth, using an electric beater.

Add the melon puree, whisk again and put into a plastic container. Freeze till done. To serve, keep it out of the freezer for about 15 minutes, scoop using an icecream scoop and serve!!!


1. If you are using Shamaam like I did, ensure that you peel the skin thick, otherwise it leaves a slightly bitter after taste. Despite this, the ice cream was wiped clean by my colleagues, even though my brother and daughter didn't have it much due to the slight bitterness. I am not saying it is a bad thing, it did taste nice and I liked it!

2. As per the article, it says that this ice cream would stay good for 3 months. Mine lasted less than a week.

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