Sweet Bread Balls

Some days, we just need things to come into our hands, without much effort. For some people, it's most of the days - like me!!! I love quick jhatpat ideas that will not waste time. Yes, there are times when I really want to spend my whole age in the kitchen doing things, but mostly, I like to finish off quick and be out, to concentrate on something else.

Today's recipe is for one of those lazy days. You have half a pack of bread getting ready to be a breeding ground for fungus, and you are thinking what needs to be done... then the idea is here!!! Super easy and really fast to be done, I feel this is a real handy recipe for unexpected guests as well.

Sweet Bread Balls
Serves 2


6 slices of bread, brown sides removed and hand crushed
4 tbsp sugar
1/2 tsp cardamom powder
4 tbsp coconut
Milk, as required
Oil to fry


Add all the dry ingredients into a bowl. Pour milk slowly and mix the ingredients till it forms the shape of a dough. It should not have too much water, otherwise the balls will break. If it becomes loose, add more bread to tighten it up.

Heat oil in a deep kadai. Once hot, shape the mix into small balls and deep fry till brown. Serve warm with a hot cup of chai or coffee!!!

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