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After the first guest post by Meena, here is another guest post. I am sure Hasna of Kachus Delights needs no introduction. She has a blog with yummy recipes, especially a long list of cakes and palaharangal (sweet dishes). Her's was one of the first blogs that I had got so excited about, mainly because it had cuisine from my HD's side, which he adores. I've tried a couple of her recipes and all have come good. She is now my friend of FB too.

After starting this blog, I wanted to ask some of my favorite bloggers for guest posts and she was one of the first that I asked for and that materialized. It just happened that Meena responded so quickly that she became first in the race. :) When Hasna asked me what recipe I would prefer, I told her that even though I would be happy with anything that she gives, I would prefer something traditional. She immediately suggested this absolutely famous sweet dish from her place. Frankly speaking, I haven't had this because we don't make this at my place. But just looking at the pictures, I am salivating. I seriously have to take up this challenge of making this for tea once.

It is said that Muttamala and Pinjanthappam are served for the puthiyappalas (bride grooms) during the initial days of marriage. Each time they visit their wife's home, this is one of the specialties prepared by the mother-in-laws and served specially for them. Actually speaking, if I start talking about how much grooms are pampered in Hasna's side of Kerala, I think I will not go to this guest post!!! :D So off to this lovely friend of mine... :)

I could just have it now... Sigh!!!

It didn't take a minute for me to decide , when I saw Rafeeda's mail asking me to do a guest post for her. I've been really busy for the past couple of years, that is, soon after I've started a blog.  I was sitting bored, completely free as both my kids were grown a bit . That's when I decided to start a blog. But then came my li'l Nawal who made me completely busy. So couldn't really connect with my fellow bloggers. I've a very few blogger friends and Rafeeda is one among them.-an upcoming blogger and a very soft person at heart!! Her recipes are easy to follow and simple to try out! My wishes always with u dear!

1. Please tell us a little bit of yourself

I'm Hasna , born in Abu Dhabi, brought up half in India/half in UAE. As a housewife and a mother of 3, my priorities have always been my family. Academically, I have been very studious;  joined up courses what my dad asked me to do for and I was happy living his life.. My only dream was to study and study more. But the Almighty turned up his magic wand and all my priorites have been turned upside down with the arrival of our first daughter,Noora 10 years back. I had tried to do my MBA in between, but felt extremely guilty for not being with my child when she looked for me. So I decided to quit up my studies and turned to a full-time mom.

2. When did you start your page and y?
It just happend 2 years ago, when I started posting pictures in my fb . All my friends were excited to see my goodies, cakes and desserts. One friend of mine suggested me a page of cooking community, where the members shared their creativity inside their kitchen. Started posting pictures there and then, the story began.

3. Who was your major inspiration in cooking?
Its always THE MOM-my mom and her mom! Both were Masha Allah great cooks!

4. What do you like to cook the most?
My interests again are inspired by my mom's; just like she hated cooking the day to day , similar sort of stuffs. She has always been into experimenting and as a child, I've always been fascinated by the way she cooked- how she took few ingredients and turned them into something amazing, most of which were cakes.

5. Your advice for new and aspiring cooks.

As your caption says 'When baking, follow directions, when cooking, go by your own taste'. Talk to your family, know their tastes, play with the ingreidients ,season with love and that's it!! You can win your kids' heart and what more you need.

When I was confused and asked her before deciding on the post, she mailed me saying it would be nice if it's anything from Malabar side. The only and much awaited post with me was muttamaala and pinjaanthappam . The most famous Malabar delicacy. Garlands made out of egg yolk and an egg-white pudding,served together. The name itself brings curiosity among outsiders. Hats off to Kannur ladies who invented this dish sometime in the history. I always wondered watching the garlands as a kid , but never ever tried to make one on my own. Thanks to my blog baby, that I'm learning and have learnt many a things , which I had never thought I would ever do. But, believe me girls, making muttamaala is not a rocket science, it is as easy as any other dish. There are small tips to take care of, and thats it. I shall try to explain it as simple as possible.

Egg yolk is cooked in sugar syrup into garlands while egg whites are steamed into pudding. 


Eggs 5
Sugar 3/4 cup
Water 1 1/2 cup


Separate egg yolks and whites.

Take care that no any drop of eggwhite should be there in eggyolk but few drops off yolk into whites is permissable.Take the eggyolks in a strainer and strain nicely. Keep it aside.

Prepare the sugar syrup.

For this,boil water and sugar in a wide and deep pan till it reaches 1 string consistency. Add a tablespoon of eggwhite into this syrup and mix nicely and remove it. This is done to clear the syrup and remove the dirt in sugar.

Take a disposable glass or a bowl and make hole into it. The hole should be made considering how thick the garlands should be made. Now, cover the hole with your finger and pour eggyolks into the glass.

Increase the flame of the syrup to high.Bring the glass on top of the sugar syrup. Remove your finger and rotate it in circular motion until all yolks in the glass is used up. Allow to boil for a few seonds. Now reduce the flame, sprinkle some water and then strain the garlands out of the syrup. Take it into a plate and immediately spread out a little without breaking the garlands.

Increase the flame and repeat the procedure until all the yolks are used up.

Pinjanathappam/Egg white pudding


Allow the remaining sugar syrup to cool and then blend alongwith the egg white and a cardamom in a blender. Pour this into a circular dish and steam it into pudding. Just like you do for caramel pudding.

Allow it to cool and demould it. Cut it into desired shape and serve it along with egg garlands (muttamaala) on top. Serve at room temperature.

So how did you find this post by Hasna? Delicious, right? I am going to make Muttamala very soon to see how good does it taste!!! Do leave me your comments and let me know whether you like the series. And yes, do visit her for some mouthwatering recipes!! :)

By the way, if you are a resident of UAE or have people over there, then do check out her first event - Mummy Ka Magic, where she wants you all to link in recipes that remind you of your mother. She has a giveaway, which she has kept as a surprise!!! :) Do not forget to check that as well...

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