Stracciatella Ice-cream

I guess my love for homemade ice-creams has already been expressed in my previous ice-cream posts. Like I've already said before, the satisfaction of home made ice-creams is different from the one from outside. You can make so much permutations and combinations, without putting an end to your imagination. (Oh wow, it rhymes!!! ;) )

During my casual web surfing sessions, I came across this link and I was literally shocked. Why? Because you could make ice-cream with just 2 ingredients. Can I hear you guys say - What, Rafeeda, you must be joking!!! No, I am not. I too didn't believe it when I read it. But then as far as food is concerned, cooking is believing. So just as per instruction, I chilled a tin of evaporated milk for almost 24 hours and went ahead with making it. And the result is what you see in the picture. Doesn't it look amazing? It tasted amazing as well. The only thing I did was to add some broken chocolate pieces to make it what I have called. FYI - Stracciatella means broken chocolate pieces or chocolate streaks in Italian. :)

Stratcialla Icecream
Recipe adapted from here


1 can of evaporated milk
1 cup of powdered sugar
3 tbsp broken chocolate peices


Chill the evaporated milk overnight. The more it is chilled, the more easier to whip. Keep the whipping bowl and the beater whips in the fridge for a couple of hours till cold. 

Empty the chilled evaporated milk into the cold bowl and whip for around 20 minutes. You will see that after whipping for 5 minutes, the milk will slowly start forming the consistency of whipped cream. Continue beating it till the milk gets whipped well. Add the sugar and continue beating it till well combined. When you pull the beater up, the milk will not fall from the beater. 

Pour this mixture into your icecream container and freeze for an hour and a half. Take it out, add the broken chocolate peices and give it a gentle mix. Put it back into the freezer. Ensure to beat the icecream to break the crystals every hour and a half, for 4 times. Since I had made it at night, I had beaten it while adding the chocolate pieces and then at 3:30 am when I realized I had to beat the icecream!!! Ahem ahem... :)

Scoop out the icecream and enjoy! The beauty of this icecream is despite only having beaten it two times, the crystals were not much. It was fairly smooth. Another thing is that you don't need to keep it out to scoop it. Take it and scoop it, it comes out pretty well. 

This is not the only icecream I have made with evaporated milk, there's more. But kindly be patient... It will be slowly included in the schedule of things!!! ;)

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