Brownie in a Mug

After that huge cookout on Friday, my head is totally blank. Totally!!! I guess it was all that food and so much strain... Even though I enjoyed it to the maximum, it kind of drained me off completely. I can really feel it in my work that I am doing at home! It may take a few days to get back to my normal self, I guess... As of now, I am planning at some minimal cooking, only in order to float and not go hungry!!! :) Yesterday I just didn't cook, and I plan to go light  today as well.  I don't have dinner as such, I can always ask HD to eat from outside and the only thing my little one needs is a bottle of milk! Thankfully, I have quite a bit sitting in my drafts that even if I don't cook, my blog will not go hungry. ;)

Today, I am posting another put together, bake and eat cake which can be done in just 5 minutes. Did I say cake? Nope, it's a brownie! I never thought brownie and cake was different till I actually started baking and then noticing the difference in the texture. I used to always wonder why eggs are just added without any beating. Now I understand why it is so. :) Practise makes you perfect, right? This is a eggless quick brownie, just to settle your craving. I found it surprisingly fudgy, provided you do not overbake!!! ;)

Brownie in a Mug
Serves 1
Adapted from here


Want a scoop?
4 tbsp all purpose flour
3 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp cocoa powder
2 tbsp oil
2 tbsp water
A pinch of salt


Mix everything in a mug without lumps. Microwave on high for 2 minutes or till done. Leave to cool for sometime and then dig in!!!

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