My first event - Story Telling with Food!

As I have been promising in my previous posts, finally I am announcing the event to all of you.

I have always been amazed and humbled at the positive response that I have been receiving for my little blog. From the bottom of my heart, a big thank you to all of you who have been kind enough to keep coming, viewing my simple recipes and giving me some real good feedback. I am so grateful to the lovely friends that I have made in the process. A big thank you to the Almighty, who has showered a real blessing in the form of this blog!

OK, a little into the event. I am sure everybody who reads my blog posts know that I just do not go directly into the recipe. I love to have some random ramblings, about anything before I actually go on with the post of the day. I feel that this kind of a practice would not only improve my writing skills, but it helps a lot with connecting to the people who are reading your posts. So here you go, the theme is this:

There must be some food of yours that arouses quite a lot of memories. Just like I mentioned how much the Vettu Cake reminds me of my umma. Something similar - it might be some situation, your HD, a lost love, your giggling friends, the kids, anything... If there is a particular item that reminds you of something, I want you to recreate the recipe and post it along with the story. Sounds interesting? Great!!! :)

And what more? I am planning a giveaway for this event. It is not sponsored and I am arranging it myself for pure satisfaction. The prize will be one giveaway and I will be deciding it based on the location of the winner. I will keep you posted on what 's up, but definitely it will be related to cooking!!! ;)

Now for the rules of the event and giveaway:

1. Only one entry per person - archived included but do update to include point 2.
2. Displaying the logo on the entry is much appreciated and then link it back to this page.
3. Follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Simple, isn't it? You can link in your entries below using the linking tool and mention in the comment regarding your following on Facebook and Twitter.

And yes, non-bloggers can participate too, you can send me your entries on and mention in your email your FB and Twitter follow names.

Ladies, so get cooking and link it on to this event.

Updated on May 1: The event is extended till May 10, for linking your entries, please go to this page!!! Happy blogging... :)

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