Nutella Pops

I am feeling very sleepy. My eyes are continuously droopy. The thing with sleep is that you miss a couple of hours during one of the days, and then to come back to normal takes quite a bit of time. I've missed quite a bit of sleep time and it is really affecting the way my head is functioning. And I really do not like it!!! :T

OK, today is a kid's special. Or is it just kids? Nutella is for adults as well, right? This was one simple recipe card I had seen on Facebook and I just decided to go ahead with it. I will post my comments on the trial at the end of the recipe. Here is the card that I got from the site:

I followed the exact steps and here it is:

Nutella Pops
Makes 4 popsicle


1 cup (240 ml) milk
1/3 cup Nutella


Beat the milk and Nutella till well blend. Pour into popsicles and freeze till done. For serving, pop the popsicles into hot water for 30 seconds and pull out. Enjoy!!!


Either I didn't beat the milk and Nutella properly together or they separated while pouring, I don't know, but I got this double layer, which I found looked cute. But definitely not as creamy as it looks in the picture. Likely, it was photoshoped!!! :)

I will definitely make this again but with 1/2 cup of Nutella! The kids loved it and I also enjoyed it! ;)

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