Spiced Nutella Mocha

I love the way my daughters act at times. This weekend, as soon as I was off from the shower, the elder one ran towards the washroom and the younger one towards me. Let me tell you what they did - the younger one was continuously touching the new salwar that I had worn and saying, "Hai, puthiyatha?" (Hai, is it new?). I was kind of surprised at her sharpness. I just smiled and told her, "Yes, darling!" She gave me a big grin and went her way. When I looked at the elder one, she was enjoying the smell of the soap, shampoo and what not I had used. She is waiting to grow up to use all those things that I use. Seriously, girls will always be girls... :)

Today is a very simple refreshing hot drink, for those cold evenings when you just want to stretch yourself on the couch and relax. I know the climate is not very conducive now in this part of the world, but the A/C can do the trick - for the time being!!! ;)

Spiced Nutella Mocha
Serves 1


1 cup milk
1 tbsp nutella
A pinch of cardamom powder
A pinch of cinnamon powder
1 tsp coffee powder
1 tsp sugar


Mix all the ingredients and bring to boil. Once properly boiled, give it a nice stir. Pass through a seive and pour into your cup. Enjoy!!!

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