Vermicelli Sweet

Oh, the weekend is here almost. And it's going to be a little celebratory weekend. Why? I will let you know in the coming posts. :)

Yesterday, we were kind of a little scared when the news of a moderate earthquake spread like lightening. The UAE in certain parts experienced a tremor of 6.5 and aftershocks of 3.5 magnitude, towards the evening time. Actually speaking, I had not experienced it. But from what I knew with all the FB updates, most of them did feel it, especially towards the new Dubai side and the northern Emirates side. It has been a frightening weekend, the heavy sandstorm early this week has wind coming at 70 km/hr speed followed by half an hour of really heavy showers and light showers that continued till early morning. There was quite a bit of debris on the roads, boards and placards had fallen down, some damaging cars parked on the sides, trees had fallen onto the roads and so on. Even on Sunday, we had some light showers with some lovely breeze, however the atmosphere was quite laden with dust. The past two days have been really lovely but the afternoons are starting to get hot. Being in April, the heat now is very much in line with what it should be.

The weather all across the globe is quite topsy turvy these days. Nature is definitely angry, and the Almighty is giving it to us for our selfish acts. All we can do is to contribute the little back to Earth that we can and hope for the best, right?

Today, again I come back with a very simple dessert recipe, guaranteed to be licked up by the kids. Surprisingly, my HD, who does not have a sweet tooth, also liked it and complained that I didn't give him more. How would I? He comes too late and by that time, the kids have already gobbled up part of his share as well. ;)

Vermicelli Sweet
Serves 4 - 6


2 tbsp ghee
200 gm pack Pakistani vermicelli, crushed 
1 can condensed milk
Nuts for garnish (I used cashews)


Heat ghee in a non-stick pan. Add the vermicelli and roast on low flame for around 10 minutes till light brown. Add the condensed milk and mix well to incorporate. You will see the vermicelli and milk collecting itself into a mass. Switch off the flame and spread the mixture on a well greased plate. Cut into shapes, garnish with nuts and serve. I made it into flat balls, handling the mixture when it was slightly hot.

Linking this to Aadithyam's event - Cooking in 15 minutes...

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