Avalum Pazhavum - Beaten Rice Flakes with Plantains

Do you believe in the power of the simple joys of life? I do... I really do. Sometimes, I feel that in this mad rush, these joys are what keeps me afloat, and most the joys come in the form of those little 'imps' I have at home. They can make up my day anytime with their little naughty doings, which at the beginning irritates me but when I think about it later, it does bring a smile to my face. The other day, I was quickly preparing dinner  to take the kids out and they were playing in the room. Supposedly, Rasha was the shop assistant and Azza  the customer, so whatever the "customer" required, "shop assistant" kept saying, "OK, ma'am".

They finished their play session and it was becoming time to get ready. I called out, "Azza, come here." She immediately replied, "OK, ma'am". I gave her a dirty look first, and then ignored it. Again, I said, "Dear, let ummi dress you up!" "OK, ma'am." For the next half an hour, I ceased to be ummi and I became ma'am!!! Initially, it did irritate me, and sensing that irritation, she kept smiling each time she said "OK ma'am"!! How much could that be??? Finally in the car she went off to sleep and once she woke up, the dialogue had already made its exit from her mind. :) Call it again - simple joys of life!!!

The post for today is also a part of the same principal. When we crave for a chai time snack which is not elaborate but can literally dance on our taste buds, then this is it. Umma keeps stock of beaten rice flakes - aval - everytime, which she normally puts into her tea and drinks, just like how you can have cereal. Sometimes, she makes this and I also do, and we all enjoy it to the maximum.

Avalum Pazhavum - Beaten Rice Flakes with Plantain
Serves 2


1 cup beaten rice flakes
1 large plantain, chopped
4 tbsp jaggery, grated (as per taste)
4 tbsp grated coconut
A pinch cardamom
1 tsp ghee


Wash the aval and drain. Heat the ghee in a saucepan and saute the flakes till crisp. Add in the remaining ingredients, give it a nice mix and cook on low flame till the jaggery melts. Serve warm with chai!!!


The quantities above is as per our taste. You can mix and match it as per your convenience!!!

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