Be My Guest - Naadan Kozhi Curry/ Country Chicken Curry

I feel blessed in a lot of ways, really don't know how to express it. Just like I mentioned in my previous guest post of Shazzy, I am getting to meet such lovely and down to earth people across this blogosphere. Such an immensely humbling experience, it is... One such person I received through this series of mine is Rani, who blogs at Rani's Gourmet. She seems to be on and off with her blogging, I am sure it has to do with tight schedules, but one peep into her blog will make you feel like somebody who cooks simple yet delicious meals day in and day out. With very simple yet attractive photographs, her blog is one to watch for.

When I received a comment on my page from her, I requested her to drop me an email. From there, started our little friendship. I found her to be really simple, in awe with my style of writing (is it that great??? :) ) and doubting if whatever she would give me would be good enough for my blog. I guess this is not just to Rani, but to all bloggers out there, one thing I have learned from blogging is self-belief. Do you believe you can do it? Then you can... It took me so many years to develop that feeling, but thanks to a few well-wishers, including my HD, who have been very supportive with their kind words and gestures, I am slowly developing that feeling. So Rani, for you from my side, believe you can do it and you can!!! :) Oh, how much I love to pass on positive vibes, it makes up my day!!! :) :)

I guess without me doing any more blabbering, let me pass on the batton to Rani, who has given such a flattering write-up about me - I only believe that she feels that way because she is the owner of a beautiful heart.... And Rani, next time I come to Bangalore, I want this chicken curry with some Kerala porottas, for sure... :)

First of all thank you Rafeeda for giving me a space in your beautiful blog. This is my first ever guest post. Rafeeda is one of many bloggers I admire a lot. I don’t think she needs much introduction. Her blog has gained popularity within a short time. I always love the way she is explaining things .Her write-ups makes readers feel that they are also a part of her family. I always wonder how she can write such simplified recipes. It provides a soothing belief that cooking is a cake walk. She is a great person full of attitude. I am really glad to meet such  a wonderful blogger.

I am Rani Arun from Rani’s gourmet. I am lucky enough to be born and brought up in God’s Own country’ Kerala -the land of spices. Currently Living in Bangalore with my better half .I am not an expert in cooking but always I love to try new and simple recipes. No one in my family ever thought that I could cook something edible. So to make them believe,I had the habit of taking photos of the dishes that I have prepared. Yes, you can tell I started this blog to show off my cooking skills to my relatives and friends . Since my Amma was working, I always seen her running through the kitchen in  a hurry (but nothing can beat Amma’s food). So I had a misconception that  cooking is a ‘herculean task’. Being a ‘couch potato’ I never bothered to learn anything until I got married. After getting married to a foodie husband, I had no other option - I had to cook. I must admit, I started loving cooking after watching the cookery shows of Dr.Lakshmi Nair, a celebrity cook in Kerala.This is the past. Now I am enjoying cooking to the fullest. That is the reason I started a food blog.

Though I am not an active blogger, I wish to be a part of this virtual world. When I saw this event on her blog I had no second thought. I fixed the recipe to be posted in my mind even though I was not sure whether she would accept me or not. I dropped her a mail asking about the event and what kind of dish she is expecting. Broad minded Rafeeda suddenly accepted my request and she has given me the freedom to post any type of recipe. I feel it is great to do a guest post in her lovely site. Let me not spoil this blog since I am very poor in writing.

Over to the recipe… This is an easy Kerala style chicken curry full of flavors. Unlike other meat preparation, this can be prepared in a jiffy as it requires no sautéing of onions and other spices. Hope Rafeeda and her readers will enjoy this recipe. 



1.     Chicken-1kg,cleaned and cut into medium sized pieces
2.     Potato-1 big, peeled off and cubed
3.     Onion-3nos,medium sized
4.     Garlic-2small bulbs
5.     Ginger-1”inch piece
6.     Green chilly-2nos
7.     Chilly powder-1 ½ tbsp
8.     Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
9.     Coriander powder-3 ½ tbsp
10.   Garam masala-2tsp
11.    Meat masala-1tbsp
12.    Pepper powder-3/4 tsp
13.   Curd-3tbsp
14.    Salt
15.   Water-1 cup
16.   Oil- 2 tbsp (preferably coconut oil)
17.   Mustard seeds-less than 1/4tsp
18.    Curry leaves-2 or 3 sprigs
19.    Thick Coconut milk-1 cup

Method of preparation:

1.     Heat a pan preferably a non stick. Add all powders. (do not add any oil).Stir continuously for 2minutes or until the color changes and raw smell disappears. Keep it aside. Be careful as the powders tend to burn easily.

2.     Slice onions. Crush garlic, ginger and green chilly.

3.     Take a pressure cooker combine all the ingredients from 1-15(including roasted powders).Mix well with hands. Cook up to 3 whistles.

4.     Heat oil in a pan.  Splutter mustard seeds and curry leaves. Transfer the cooked chicken along with the gravy into this. Let it boil. Lastly add coconut milk. Heat for few more minutes.(do not let it boil again). Switch off the flame. Keep the curry closed for some time to let the flavors to set in.

Serve with rice ,bread,chappathi, appam or  porotta…

I am having a mouth filled enough for a ship to sail... oh, that chicken curry, Rani....

Wishing all of you a very happy weekend... :)

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