Be My Guest - Aloo Cheese Kurkure

Another Saturday and another beautiful guest post... :)

I had mentioned on my FB update last week that blogging has given me some very surprising acquintances that I would have never got if I weren't into it... If you really ask me why I got into blogging, I really wouldn't know what to answer! I wanted to make it like a diary of what I have cooked and turned out well, but more than that, I also wanted it to be a forum where I could unleash myself. Since it is a public forum, I may not unleash myself full on but the part that I do is more than enough to make me feel nice! Then slowly, it turned out to be more of a relationship development forum. I have gained a lot of good relationships, which is virtual. I have never seen them, never heard their voice - but the connection and interaction has been really good. I can say that this is the reason why I have the guest post segment on in my blog... I love the way I interact with them and then continue once the guest post is also done, either on their blog or through email... :)

Today, I am introducing you to another young blogger, Revathi, who blogs at Samayal2Impress. What attracted me to her page was the simple interface and her beautiful photography. Even the step by step pictures she clicks is so clear!!! Recently, she had posted an Apple Cinnamon Cake which kept coming in my dreams for a few days. The combination of apple and cinnamon is like marriage made in heaven for me! That lead her to being a part of this series of mine. As you read through her post, you may find that she started this blog as a part of diversion. But I know that from now on, Revathi is going to be strong and bold and not dwell in the past, right dear? :) Let's go off to her recipe, which she so sweetly dedicated it to my children... :)

Rafeeda the writer,photographer and cook of THE BIG SWEET TOOTH is a person that,you all must be familiar with. I came to know about her, through her blog and the lovely comments she drop in my space. I have always enjoyed her recipes, clicks and the way she simplify recipes is nice. You will find a wide variety of recipes in her space and once you are there, you will be lost with her interesting write up and recipes. When she approached me to be her guest in the event she conducted I accepted and I’m happy to be her guest and be a part of the lovely space she has.And this kurkure is especially for Rafeeda's kids. 

I'm Revathi and my native is Chidambaram. I have spent most of my schooling and college in hostel, so I just love to be with friends all time and I'm a fun loving person. As I spent my college in hostel I dint have a chance to learn cooking, so I was totally nil in cooking before marriage. I completely learnt my cooking through net or browsing and that was totally to impress RK, which is why I chose my blog name as SAMAYAL2IMPRESS. And the main reason I started this blog was to have a deviation from the worst tragedy I had in life... The main support behind this space is my brother, who was the one who sat with me and made each clarification I had and taught me about photography so I started everything from scratch when it comes to photography. And I'm in my learning processing of both cooking and photography and this will continue for long 

Coming to the recipe,this is a super crisp aloo stuffed kurkure with a crusty outer layer and soft aloo stuffed with cheese.Give a try and your kids will love it and ask for more.When i saw this recipe in Tarla Dalal i just loved it and din't wait to give a try and we just love it.Sure this will make a perfect evening snack.


Potato  boiled - 1 cup(Boil with a piece of ginger)
Mint leaves - 1/4 cup
Coriander leaves - 1/4 cup
Cheese - 2 stick (cut into four)
Green chilly - 1/2 tbs
Cumin powder - 1/2 tsp
Lemon juice - 1/2 tsp
Oil - for deep frying
Salt - to taste

For Coating:

Bread crumbs - 1/8 cup(optional)
All-purpose flour - 3 tbs
Water - 1 tbs 
Poha - 1/4 cup(crushed)


Boil 2 potato with a piece of ginger drain the water completely allow the potato to dry peal the skin and mash it well,then add in all the ingredients and mix well with little salt.

Cute the cheese into small cubes,and arrange all the required things for coating and set a said.

Divide the mixture into equal balls,make a bent place the cheese and seal the cheese tightly.

Place the potato mixture in bread crumbs roll with bread crumbs,then dip with the all-purpose flour 

Then roll the dipped ball in crushed poha and roll well till it's coated well with poha mixture.

Roll out all the poha coated mixture set a said and refrigerate at least for half hour,take a kadai pour in oil and fry kurkure. 

Fry the aloo kurkure till golden brown and crisp,drain the excess oil in paper towel .

Serve warm with ketchup and with a hot cup of coffee and have a crispy snack. 


Make sure you drain out all the water in potato, or else it will not be easy to roll out, as my potato was bit soggy so i used bread crumbs,so it's purely optional.

Adding a piece of ginger is good while boiling potato is good for  health.

Crush the poha to small balls like sago,if powder you have the crunchy texture.

Are you people drooling at the sight of these crispy kurkures just like I am??? One more thing - this is the first step by step recipe on my blog, thanks to Revathy!!! Hehe... Thank you so much dear for being a sweetheart and giving me such an IMPRESSive recipe!!! :)

Have a wonderful weekend ahead, people...

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