Be My Guest - Individual Mango Cheesecakes

Another guest post for this Saturday as well. But this comes with a little declaration - from the time I started this series till now, apart from two Saturdays, I have been posting every Saturday with a guest post. Somehow, I am finding it slightly tedious. It must be because Saturday is a weekend for me and normally I am so tied up with house work and the kids. What I usually do is I already have the post ready, posting little by little and adding over the week, so that on Saturday, all I have to do is just run through the draft and post. Now, I am finding it a little bit difficult to manage my time. So I have decided to make this series every two weeks. After this post, you will now see this feature every two Saturdays, I guess it's fair on me as well as on you people as well. :) I am so grateful for all the wonderful support I have received from fellow bloggers as well as you readers who have contributed to commenting and supporting everybody who have been featured in this series. It would have never gone this far if it was not for all of you... :)

Today, I have another super talented new blogger who seems to be from my part of the world. Let me welcome Febina KU, who blogs at Febi's Cookbook. Her blog is fairly new but with a share of good recipes and the time I received a request from her as to whether I could feature her, I was definitely up for it. We chat on and off and I find her to be a really homely character. She is a homemaker with two little kids and it is a wonder that she posts in fairly regularly with them at home!!!

What makes her even more special is that she had recently won the Best Chef Award in a cookery competition that was held in Dubai. You can find more pictures of the event here. Did you see, there were so many contestants and her "Hide and Seek Creamy Chicken" won the first prize from all that... which means, that she is a very gifted cook!!! Hearty congrats, Febu... hope this is a stepping stone to many many more to come! :)

So let's move on to the yummy individual cheesecake that she has bought for us today...

I am Febina, from Kannur, Kerala. Just after I finished my degree, I got married and flee to UAE. It’s after I got settled here that I started my cooking expedition... most of the time, my experiments become kitchen disasters and still is.. I feel low when guests visit my house and feel I haven’t done enough to satisfy their tastes.. Well, my husband is supportive and gives me sincere remarks after tasting them... his taste is entirely different from mine and I find it hard to impress him. Now I experiment something or the other in my kitchen and I take pictures of it..

I recently opened up a blog and my latest hobby is experimenting food and taking pictures of it to post in my blog... Shab's Cuisine is the blog that inspired me to blogging...I sit up late night going through foodie blogs coz day time I can’t sit peacefully to go through different blogs coz of my 2 really tiny troublesome kids.

Here is the recipe of Mango Cheese Cake.

Mango- 1big, pulp pureed
Sugar - 5 tbsp or more
Cream cheese- 200 gms
Cream - 200 mls
Mango essence - 1 tsp(optional)
Digestive biscuits crushed with some butter- to line the bottom of ur cups
To prepare praline:
50 gms toasted almonds
75 gms sugar


Place the toasted nuts on a greased pan.
In a pan, add sugar and heat on low medium heat. Do not stir the sugar, but u can swirl the pan. When the sugar turns brown color off the flame and pour the caramelized sugar onto toasted nuts. Let it cool.
Once hard crush it into small pieces using mortar and pestle or bang with a rolling pin.
Line the bottom of cups with crushed biscuits. Keep in the freezer till you make the filling.
Bring cream cheese to room temperature.
puree the mango pulp with sugar. Mix mango puree with cheese and mix well.
Whip cream until soft peaks form.fold in the cream to cheese mango mixture.
Add mango essence. If the mixture tastes less sweet then add some powdered sugar and adjust the sugar. Fill the frozen cups. keep in the fridge to set for 3 hours.

Top it  with praline.

Do you feel like how I feel? Yep, exactly... Grab that glass on the screen and gobble it down. That was definitely a little treat, Febu and enjoyed doing this post very much... So there you go, hopefully all of you will have an awesome weekend... :)

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