Coffee Almond Choco-chip Icecream

Feeling really dead tired... We had a public holiday and we were on the run from morning onwards. We were out for almost 14 hours. It is now starting to get really hot. The temperatures were close to 40 degrees and it was just unbearable. However, we enjoyed the trip. Went to see a lot of relatives, some shopping, some coffee... It was after so long that we have got a public holiday. Here, public holidays are very little and far apart. So we very eagerly wait for it. This one had come after almost four months so was well received. Thanks to all that hectic running around, today I am having a throbbing headache, with a mood to only sleep, but unfortunately the kids wouldn't allow!!! How much I envy their energy levels... :)

Today, rather than some chitchatting, I will leave this quote for you, which we call as "Hadith" - the saying of our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It emphasizes on the importance of being kind... a quality which unfortunately seems to be going into extinction these days.... :( It is sad to see people misunderstanding kindness to be a form of weakness, which in turn leads to a lot of exploitation. We live in a fickle world indeed...

This was an ice-cream I had made sometime back, but wiped out in no time. I always tend to make very small portions of ice-creams at home, because you never know how good it is going to turn out to be - whether it would turn into ice cream or just be ice!!! ;) Hehe... this one was a damn good one, though regretted having made little because it just wasn't enough for all of us!!! :)

Coffee Almond Choco-chip Icecream
Makes around 600 ml


1 can (375 ml) evaporated milk
1 cup powdered sugar/ icing sugar
1 can (397 ml) condensed milk
2 tbsp coffee dissolved in 100 ml warm water
3 tbsp almonds, roasted and chopped
3 tbsp chocolate chips


Make the icecream exactly how I had mentioned in the Stratciatella Icecream post along with the first two ingredients. Add in the coffee concoction and the condensed milk and beat well until incorporated, around 5 minutes. Pour into your container and freeze for an hour and a half, till it's almost half set.

Pull out the container from the freezer, add in the almonds and choco-chips and beat well with a spatula till well mixed. Keep in the freezer for another hour and half, pull out the container and beat again. Freeze till well set.

Scoop out into cups and serve... :)

PST: A little disclaimer regarding the "props" in this post. You can see the hand there??? That's my little ones... hehe... she just couldn't resist herself that she had to tip toe her fingers to pick up the chocochip on the top. After having taken 15 pictures and the ice-cream threatening to melted anytime, the best picture I found was this in the whole lot!!! Her hand ka magic, I suppose... :)

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