My cup of coffee...

Just like sometime back, I had dwelled upon my favorite hot drink called tea, this time, let me hover around coffee, "the favorite drink of the civilized world", as Thomas Jefferson correctly said so. Yes, it is? Why? You tend to get coffee in every nook and corner of the street. There is coffee in all the coffee shops that you go, every street side cafe you visit or you get it along with your donuts! Coffee is everywhere, unlike tea, which is a more homely drink to be made with your own hands... hehe...

For me, coffee is reserved for my down moods. I drink tea when I am really pepped up, but I drink coffee when I feel low. I really don't know why... The aroma, the taste really add the zing in me to get going. Even while going back from work to home, if I am really stressed up, I would always prefer the coffee over the tea, anytime...

Just like it took time to master my perfect cup of chai, making a perfect cup of coffee was not a cake walk, at least not easier than making tea as far as I am concerned. I guess the first step is to create a rapport with a brand of coffee. For me, it has to be Bru. Nothing can beat the taste for me apart from Bru. What smell it wafts all across when you boil it in hot water... Hmmmm......  Going on to how I make it...

My cup of coffee
Serves 1 in a large mug :)


1 mug water
A pinch cardamom (optional)
1 heaped teaspoon coffee (Bru for sure!!)
1 tbsp milk powder
1 tbsp coffee creamer (Coffeemate or any brand)
1 tbsp sugar


Heat water in your teapot. Add in the cardamom. Once the heating reaches half way through, add the coffee powder and let boil. Once the mixture boils, lower the flame and leave for a couple of minutes. Meanwhile, put the remaining ingredients into your mug. Switch off the flame, and pour half the coffee concoction. Stir well without lumps and pour it back into the saucepan. Mix well again. Now pour the whole coffee into your mug. Enjoy slurping it with a plate of hot hot bhajiyaas... ;)

Before I sign off from today's post, let me leave you with another coffee quote:
"Adventure in life is good; consistency in coffee even better..." - Justina Chen

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