Rava Kesari/ Semolina Sweet

This week has been a reflective week for me, so please expect a lengthy post! :)

Lot of things happened that gave me a lot of insights, Alhamdulillah... The first highlight of the week was that I met a blogger friend for the first time, and that was FamilyCook. Since she loves her pseudonym, I will respect her privacy. I was so glad to be seeing her, it felt like I had met my elder sister. I loved the way she introduced me to her husband. The conversation was like this:

He: "So how do you know each other?"
She: "We came to know each other when I did a guest post for her blog. You remember that full chicken I had roasted?"
He: "Yes..."
She: "Yeah, that was the post I had done for her blog, and then we started..."

This reminded me of how I presented my meeting with her to my HD over the phone when I was on my way to meet her:

Me: "I am going to meet my blogger friend, she's in Sharjah, very close to our house, so I just thought I will go about and see her..."
HD: *Surprise in voice* "Blogger friend??? Hmm.... OK!!!" * still surprised...* :)

I guess men will not understand how women bond over food. When I tell HD about friendships I have got through blogging, he listens with a very confused expression, that I am not able to explain in words, I guess you all would understand!!! ;) It was so good to meet you, FamilyCook. In that whole excitement, I forgot to take a click of us together, which I would have loved to cherish throughout my life, but still, your face is in my mind so I know how you look like and what you are like!!! :) :) Seriously, any of you visiting Dubai, please do not forget to drop me a message. I will only be glad to take time out of my schedule to see you, even though it would be for a little time!!! And I am serious... :)

Another thing that made me feel really nice were some lovely comments from all of you. Of that, I have to specifically mention Humi of Gheza-e-Shirin. Jazakallah khairan, sister - Barakallah for those good thoughts you had about me. I am really humbled... and Jehanne darling... you are always be my besty over here for sure, for long long days to come. Were we in school or college together by any chance??? ;) And Manju, you noticed what was going on the blog... :) I am on a restricted period of baking and cooking sweet, my umma has put a total ban and in all my drafts, I have almost exhausted my list of sweet stuff, which is making me feel depressed, and you really noticed it!!! I am so glad that upcoming bloggers like you are noticing my little space... In short, all of you who come here on a daily basis and leave beautiful words that get me really excited - I would love to tell names but if I miss out on anybody, I would really be disappointed... all of you keep me going and make me what I am...

Exactly how I feel!!!
I guess I am still not able to express my feelings - actually I am really bad at it! I think a lot and what comes out is a miniscule... Hehe...

Today, finally I am posting a dessert. Believe me, I guess I have to change my blog name or else I will not be doing any justice. There are just handful of desserts in my whole list of drafts and remaining all are meals and curries, or spicy food. Geesh... I am sure it's my problem of having done my post scheduling. Whatever said and done, there is no point in complaining. I am still a sweet tooth, whatever said and done, whether I cook sweet or not. The days I don't cook, you can see me eating a Lindt here, a Ferrero Rocher there, a London Diary here and a slice of chocolate cake there!!! I still have and keep my sweet tooth on... ;)

The humble rava kesari is what I offer today, this was the first time I made it. As usual, I distributed it to my colleagues when my share was done and was well received. Don't I love working!!! When I put on calories, I make sure I become extra sweet and 'donate' some of those calories for my lovely colleagues... Amn't I sweet??? Ha ha ha... We never make this at home, apart from eat it in the platter served at the Tamilian vegeterian restaurants here, so when I got a chance, I made it and really enjoyed it. Quite a simple treat...

Rava Kesari
Serves 6


1 cup semolina (rava)
3 tbsp ghee
2 cups boiling water
1 tbsp milk
2 strands of saffron
A pinch of turmeric
1 cup sugar
1 tsp cardamom powder
Fried cashews and raisins, as needed


Heat ghee in a saucepan. Add the semolina and roast till slighly brown. Add the boiling water. Stir constantly and cook over meduim flame, ensuring no lumps are formed. When the mixture thickens, add the sugar and mix well.

Crush the saffron in the milk, add the turmeric, mix well. Add into the semolina mixture along with the cardamom. Keep stirring. When the sugar is completely melted and the kesari forms a semi solid form, remove from fire. Spread into a greased pan. Sprinkle the cashews and raisins and set aside to solidify. Cut into pieces and serve!!!


1. The sugar used by me was really mild - I had made a literally diabetic friendly kesari!!! But that's why I was able to eat it more! ;) Hehe... So use more sugar as necessary.

2. You can add in the nuts and stir, while adding the cardamom.

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