Zebra Cake

My eyes are literally burning... as though I have a fire set in... I just had hinted that Rasha's school is closed now, so you can imagine the chaos at home... Both my imps sleep till 10 in the morning, wake up and start their havoc in the house, again sleep a couple of hours in the afternoon. Sometimes, when I reach home form work, they are still sleeping. Can you imagine the heaviness I feel in my mind?? "Oh Lord, my sleep at night is gone!!"

And me being a sleep person, my struggle starts at 10 every night. Wash them and dress them up, into the bedroom. A lot of begging, prodding, "kannuruttaling" (rolling my eyes - OK, I don't know what other word to use for this action!!! Hehe...), shouting, screaming, crying - "please, please, makkale (my kids), ummi wants to sleep..." Doesn't help at all... Where do I go drain down all that energy they have??? Despite playing for the full day, they are to the brim at night. By the time they sleep, it's almost 12:30 am and my alarm rings at 6 am every morning... Since it rings on my phone and I cannot damage it because I know very well that my HD will not replace it with a new one, I have to keep my irritation all in and gently "dismiss" the alarm... :T

Today seems to be another day, but for this blog - it's post #125, follower #150 and very soon, this little space of mine will hit 50K views!!! Wow! Alhamdulillah, this is no more than the blessings of the Almighty. He has been kind enough to bless me with lovely readers like all of you out there. For all of you, today, this is what I want to give you...

I did nothing else that to stick point by point, word by word to the original source. Why? Because I had a disaster baking it the first time! I did not even adjust the sugar in the cake! It was perfect for our tongues. You see those lines.... gorgeous, right??? :) :)

Since I did not budge from the original recipe, I am not typing it down here. But let me share with you my first experience of trying to make this cake:

It was during the early days of my baking expedition. If you follow the recipe as it, the batter is quite thick, not runny at all, and all those while, I never knew that you could bake a cake out of thick batter (duh!!!). I thought to myself: "Why is this thick? Let me add some milk..." So I added milk, reduced the thickness, went by the layering, the batter looked perfect with those inter circles, my heart was literally dancing - wow, I am going to make a fantastic cake. At that time, I didn't have an oven, so I made the cake in my pressure cooker. Once the cake was done and I flipped it onto the plate, this is what I got -

Where's the zebra??? :(

Hey, where are those circles that I formed??? :( Yep, in between the baking, they separated and the chocolate batter settled at the bottom and the vanilla at the top, naturally because the chocolate batter was slightly more dense (physics - how much I used to hate it!!!). So there you go, I got a layered cake - not that it was not eatable, in fact it was really tasty, dense layered (can't even call it marble!) cake and everybody enjoyed it but I missed the zebra...

I don't know whether to call this a recipe post, but post, I did!!! We are going into a weekend and I am pretty much excited, even though there are no plans as such!! Let's see how it goes, the summer heat is unbearable so beach, park and barbeque are all out of question, but the amount of malls in Dubai leave you confused as to where to go for your window shopping!!! ;)

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