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After two weeks, the next guest post! I guess now I've made my task easier by not getting in guest posts every Saturday!!! I had a few comments from Meena and Chitra as to how much they would miss the weekly series, but ladies, I have no plans to scrap this series off completely!!! That is how much I love the whole thing of interacting to get the posts done!!! :) So bimonthly it will be and featuring lovely bloggers, of course... Please do not hesitate to email me in case any of you want to be doing a post for the blog, I would be more than glad to accommodate!!! :) The only thing is please do give me the time to work out on the schedule and post it, that's all... :)

OK, so for today's guest post, I have the lovely Rajashree, who blogs at Kitchen in a Window. Through our communications, I found out that she is a fellow Malappuramkaari!!! Glad to know that, Shree... don't we get excited to know that people are based just kilometers away from where you are based. The place where Shree comes is famous for it's MES Engineering College, which has churned out a lot of well based engineers. The highlight of the college, I have heard, is that it is on a top level surface, so as difficult as it is to reach the college, the sight from the top is breathtaking!!! I really do not know, but then that comment comes from the ex-MES students I have in my friend and family circle...

I guess I have to move on and concentrate on Shree... hehe... She has bought along with her some Coffee Pannacotta, which has definitely let my sights go really awry... Such an awesome looking dessert! Without me drooling much, that too during Ramadan time, let's just get moving on to Shree... :)

I am Shree, I blog at Kitcheninawindow. As a newbie in the blogging world, I was really excited to see Rafeeda’s comment on one of my posts, asking whether I was interested in doing a guest post on her space. I was more than excited! Instantaneously I replied to her telling yes! Rafeeda is one of man bloggers I admire. She is very active, compassionate and friendly; the way she is dedicated to her passion, is amazing! Thank you so much Rafeeda for inviting me to your space and patiently answering my constant queries ;). Keep up your excellent work Rafee!

Now, about me… Currently residing in California, USA, I am from a small village in Malappuram district of Kerala. Before reaching the USA, we were in Chennai where I was working at first and where we settled after marriage. I am gifted to have a very loving husband, (my guinea pig, J who insisted I should start a blog) and a very active toddler. The blog was started in January 2013, but I was not very consistent with my posts. I decide every now and then to be consistent with my posts, but procrastination is something I need to overcome soon. My major inspiration in cooking is of course, my mom and all those beautiful blogs out there! I can’t thank enough all the food bloggers out there for being my biggest inspiration and guide with step by step pictures and steps. If asked what I cook most, I must say desserts; my hubby is a BIG sweet lover! From my limited experience, I can say that whatever you cook, you need to add love to it. It is of course, the ‘secret ingredient’.

Coming to today’s recipe, it is again a dessert. Pannacotta was something which first fascinated me by its name and then by its taste. This is my first ever pannacotta recipe, recipe adapted from here. Easy to the core, the bowls were licked clean by my family.

Preparation time : 5 mins
Setting time : overnight/ 6-8 hours

Ingredients :
·         Heavy whipped cream : two 16 fl oz packs ( 950 ml)
·         Sugar : ¾ cup
·         Vanilla essence : ½ tsp
·         Instant coffee powder : 2.5 tbsp
·         Unflavoured geltin : 2 tsp
·         Cold water : 3 tbsp

Let’s do it !
1.      Take cold water in a bowl, sprinkle the gelatin in it.
2.      In a small bowl, mix the coffee powder to 2 tbsp cream, mix well with no lumps.
3.      In a sauce pan, mix cream, sugar and the coffee mix on low heat. Keep stirring at regular intervals.
4.      Switch off the flame before it starts boiling. Add 3 tbsp of the hot cream to the cold gelatin, mix well.
5.      Pour the gelatin to the hot cream through a sieve.
6.      Mix well. Let it stand for 10 minutes.
7.      Then transfer to individual bowls/ramekins.
8.      Freeze them overnight/ 6-8 hours. Garnish with chocolate shavings/ choco chips. 

So there you go with another lovely guest of mine... till the next one is up, enjoy your weekend...  

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