Masala Aleesa - My 5th guest post for Yummy Food

I am seriously so excited today - being featured on a world class blog as a part of a series is not something small!!! 

My joy knew no bounds when Lubna Karim from Yummy Foods asked me to do a guest post as part of her initiative, "Joy From Fasting to Feasting - VI" to feature Muslim bloggers from all over the world who would come along to share their experiences about Ramadan and a recipe close to their heart. Being relatively new to the blogging world, I accepted with trepidation her invitation and set off to think what I should offer her. It was not easy deciding on a recipe, as Lubna is a well-established blogger who clicks absolutely amazing pictures that are accompanied by lip-smacking recipes, and the work I do is so amateur compared to what she does. But I really appreciated that she wanted to include me as a part of the series and here I am! 

What I provided her was the recipe of Aleesa, a wheat based dish with a little twist - the Masala Aleesa. 

For the recipe and more details on how I see Ramadan as, go ahead and give it a read here!!! 

Hope you enjoy my post and find the recipe interesting as well... As always, awaiting your views... :)

Masala Aleesa
Serves 4


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