Mission Explore Food: Lentils from June 5 to July 5, 2013 - Roundup!

Time for the roundup to the "Mission Explore Food: Lentils" which was held from June 5 to July 5, as a part of the Mission Explore Food series cohosted by Sheelu and Pallavi!

First of all, let me thank all of those who took the effort to participate in the above event and make it a success. I received a total of 45 entries, and I hope I will do justice to append  all of them below:

1. Aara from Sweets & Spices made for us the Tadka Daal, Daal Dhokli, Rava Idli, Chickpea Salad, and Protein Rich Indian Flavored Soup

2. Nayana from Nayana's Kitchen Creations contributed with the Dahi Wada

3. Nilu of Kitchen Serenity provided us with the Moong Ki Chilkewali Daal, Panchmel Dal, Dahi Phulki, Vegetarian Dalcha, and Instant Sambar

4. Shey Divine of Just Not the Cakes brought for us Black Eyed Peas Raita

5. Linsy of Home Cooked Food - Kitchen Queen made the Dal Bokchoy, Dal Makhai, and Methi Paneer Rajman Curry

6. Jehanne, the Cooking Doctor made for us Chicken and Green Lentil Brown Rice

7. Priya of Drool chipped in with Dal Methi

8. Sanoli of Sanoli's Kitchen contributed with the Khathi Meethi Moong

9. Manasi of the Indian Delights bought along the Moong Dal Halwa

Moong Dal Halva recipe

10. Rani of Rani's Goumet made for us the Parippu Payasam, and Green Gram Thoran

11. Preetha of A Bowl of Curry chipped in Kootu Curry, Parippu Vada, Vada Chutney, and Cherupayar Payasam

12. Shree of Kitchen in a Window contributed with Dal Palak,


13. Priyaakka of Priya's Versatile Recipes bought for us Dapka Kadhi, Watermelon Black Urad Dal Kootu,  and Mixed Veges Black Urad Dal Vada

14. Denny from Oh Taste n See bought in the Butter Beans Masala Varuval


15. Pallavi of Thou Shalt Cook contributed the Spinach Corn and Lentil Chilla

palak cheela

16. Gayathri of Gayathri's Cook Spot chipped in the Kerala Kadala Curry

17. Dee's Cookroom bought in the Keerai Kootu

18. Chef Mirelle chipped in with the Moroccan Chickpea Flatbread, Kale Chickpea Soup, and Carrot Moong Bean Salad,

Kale Chickpea Coconut Milk SoupCarrot Salad

19. Sundari of Specially for Ladies bought the Peas Sundal

20. Avika of A Day Through My Life contributed Chole Palak, Kerala Style Parippu Curry, and Parippu Payasam,

21. Follow Foodie linked in the Chickpea Biriyani

22. SJ's Food Court tagged in the Lebanese Lentil Rice

23. Ruxana of From My Own Kitchen bought along the interesting Kadalaparippu/ Chana Dal Pola/ Cake

24. Harini of Sugar n Spice linked in the Mixed Dal Sprouts curry

25. Malaysian Delicaccies bought with her Chickpeas Fritters

Thank you all so much for the amazing participation and for making this little event of mine successful!! :)

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