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I was pleasantly surprised when Usha commented a couple of posts ago for the quote of the day. So glad to know that there are people who wait to see the quotes that I find and post! Why do I use quotes? It is the best way of covering up my inadequacy in starting up a blogpost!!! Hehe... It feels nice to know that my readers like to read and ponder over the quotes. So there you go, the quote for the day, or should I say, for the week? ;)

A beautiful quote, I must say! In the stress of everyday life, many of us forget the beauty of dreams. In fact, so many of us don't have any dream, we just want our days to go on as much as possible. Is that why we are here? We for sure know that the Almighty has not created us just like that, there is definitely a purpose in our life. Once we all strive and find it out, it becomes much easier to focus and achieve.

Off to the recipe for the day, there is nothing much to call it as a recipe. Everybody has their way of incorporating chocolate into coffee, or is it just me? I love the combination of coffee and chocolate. Whenever we go out and I am tempted to have coffee, my choice is always cafe mocha. My HD gets irritated seeing the chocolatish color of coffee and keeps asking, "Wouldn't you ever get fed up of chocolate?" Hmm... why don't men understand that majority women are married to chocolate before they were married to them? This is our "go to" at times we feel out of sorts... See, ladies, I said - majority!! Please don't come tell me that you are not a chocolate lover,  I would think you have something really wrong!!! :P Jokes apart, so whenever I am not in a mood for having plain coffee, all I do is add some chocolate chips for that extra kick!

Coffee Mocha - Coffee with Chocolate
Serves 1


1 cup milk (I used low fat)
1 tsp coffee (I used Bru)
1 tsp sugar
1 tbsp semi-sweet chocolate chips (I used Hersheys)


Mix all the ingredients together in a tea pot. Keep it on medium flame and bring to boil till the milk froths and the chocolate chips melts. Pour immediately into a mug and enjoy!!!


You can use a tsp of drinking chocolate instead of the chocolate chips but the taste totally differs! I always prefer to add the chips, though it takes time to melt. Ensure to keep stirring in between so that the chips melt and mix in faster!

PST: Did you notice the cover of the magazine below my cup of mocha? It talks about office stress... hehe... only after the photo session was done did I notice it!!! Moreover, please don't think I tried to make any shape at the top of the mug, it just happened!!!

Linking it to the Healthy Breakfast Event on Nandoos Kitchen...

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