Favorite Recipes - Payasams/ Kheers: Event Announcement

I am pleased to inform that I am hosting the Favorite Recipes event, that is the brain child of a very talented blogger, Swathi Iyer, who blogs at the Zesty South Indian Kitchen. I am so glad that she gave me this opportunity to host the event for the month as well as decide on the theme for it.

Considering the basic way I am, I went for something that suits my blog name - yes, it's for something sweet and yes, it's payasams/ kheers. So ladies, please do link in all your lovely payasam/ kheer recipes up here for this event. 

Off to the rules of the event:

1. You can post the recipe on your blog pertaining to the theme only, which is Payasams or Kheers. 

2. Multiple entries are welcome.

3. You can post maximum two archived entries, updated with the details of the event and the logo. 

4. It is mandatory to provide a link to this event, as well as the main event announcement at  Favorite Recipes Event in your post. Usage of logo is optional but would be great if you could use it, as it helps spread word. 

5. Bloggers can link in their entries using the linky tool below.

6. Non-bloggers are also welcome to participate. You can send me an e-mail to sweettoothraf@gmail.com   with the subject line as Favorite Food Event - Payasams/ Kheers and with the following details:

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