Kappa/ Tapioca Pudding - My 9th guest post for A Day Through My Life

I'm so glad that just the way I have had a lot of sweethearts agreeing and coming my way to do guest posts for my blog, the same way I keep getting emails from fellow bloggers for guest posts. Seriously, as much as I love to do them, I find it difficult to really decide what to give them. When Avika, who blogs at "A Day Through My Life" asked me for a guest post, I started running through my drafts to ensure that I would give her a sweet dish, which would be apt for the kind of person she is - yes, really sweet!!! I've loved the interactions I have had with her through email and FB and find her quite down-to-earth, with child-like innocence. Such people are so difficult to find these days and I sincerely feel that when you find them, cherish them!!!

What I went ahead and gave her is a really sumptious pudding, with a vegetable you may not associate with sweets! I first had this pudding at my umma's aunty's house and absolutely loved it. Even though I had no clue as to how to make it and my searches on google led to no result, my umma and me put our two little heads together to make this pudding for a large gathering. Nonetheless to say, it was a success. Nobody realized that it was tapioca biting in and finally they had to ask us to know the surprise.

To read more and the recipe, do hope on to the lovely Avika's space here. Hope you enjoy the post! :)


1 ltr milk
600 gm tapioca, peeled, washed and grated
500 ml water
1 tin condensed milk
10 gm agar agar/ china grass
1 tsp salt
Sugar as needed (1/2 cup approx)


Mix the milk and tapioca in a saucepan and bring to boil. Keep on simmer and cook till the tapioca is almost soft and devoid of any hard bites. Soak the agar agar in 200 ml water for 15 minutes. Once the tapioca is almost cooked, add the soaked agar agar with the remaining water, condensed milk and salt and give it a nice stir. Cook till the tapioca is completely cooked. Check for the sugar and add if necesssary. Pour into a large dish and cover with cling film. Allow to cool and then refrigerate till set. Serve cold in pudding bowls.

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