Dates Milkshake

Welcoming another week... yes, in this part of the world, Sunday is the start of the week, so we have our "blues" on Sundays instead of Mondays! :) And this week, the blues are a bit more high, we have had a fantastic weekend with loads of rain and heavy clouds. I loved cooking with my balcony doors opened, enjoying the cold breeze and hearing the excited cheers of my daughters who were busying themselves through the rain drops that embraced the floors of our balcony. What an experience! Once lunch was done, the kids and I dragged my lazy HD for a little drive to enjoy the rains. For us over here, rains come very rarely in a year, maybe a couple of times. This time, it seemed quite early so you could see the excitement was all around. A glimpse of what I could catch hold of during our little drive... :)

I love the rains... :) :) 

I guess I've posted so many savories over the past week, let me go to a milkshake for today. I know the weather is not really conducive, but still who cares? The joy of having something cold when the weather is cold is something I can't describe. I am somebody who loves to have icecreams and milkshakes when everybody yearns for hot tea or coffee. Hehe... I don't think I am mad, I am just normal. Can I please see some hands to support me... please??? We always have dates in our pantry. Whenever D craves for sweets after his lunch, he grabs a couple and chews them to get rid of temptation. So whenever I want to pep up my milk, I just grab some dates and blitz it, simple!

Dates Milkshake
Serves 1


1 cup cold low fat milk
6 dates, pitted
Honey for sweetening, if required


Blitz the milk and dates in your blender till smooth. Check for sweetness and add honey if required. Blitz for one last time and gobble down immediately!!!


Always use the soft variety of dates, goes so well with milk and blitzes much faster as well. Adding a scoop of vanilla icecream is always a bonus, but then, I prefer to not add on calories!!! Hehe...

For another version of using your dates in drinks, do try out this Dates Lassi too... :)

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