Oats Porridge with Dates and Honey

It is no fun to going back to a house devoid of any sound. That is exactly how I felt yesterday. The house was full of noise and movement for the past one month just in the presence of two extra people who had come, who gave us a lot of joy in the short span they were around. Now they are gone, my girls who are normally noisy, have gone unusually silent. I guess after a few days, things may get back to normalcy and the house will go back to how it used to be.

Having been on and off from blogging for the past three weeks has also left me a bit drained and the mojo is clearly missing. I guess once I fire up my cooking and get things back to normal, I may be able to go back to the same zest with which I used to blog. Till then, let me share with you a very healthy way of starting your day - the benefits of oats, dates and honey are known to everybody so combining up everything together into one bowl does sound like a fantastic idea. I love the way the dates bite while sipping on the oats... Off to the recipe...

Oats Porridge with Dates and Honey
Serves 1 lavishly


1 large cup water
A pinch cardamom
A pinch cinnamon
A pinch salt
3 heaped tbsp instant oats
2 tbsp milk
6 dates, chopped
1 tbsp honey (increase for sweetness)


Mix in the ingredients from water to oats in a small saucepan, and bring to boil. Once the oats start thickening, add in the milk and just allow to heat. Switch off the flame, add in the dates and the honey.

Dig in to a healthy breakfast!!!


1. You can do all sorts of adjustments to this like you want!!! You can add some almonds for an extra crunch - I didn't have them so I didn't add them. I would vouch for the combination of dates and almonds - they make a amazing marriage!!! ;)
2. Increase the quantity of oats if you want your porridge to be even more thicker. 

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