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Hmm... I am in a very pensive mood... 2013 is almost ending and this happens to be the last guest post for the year. I started the "Be My Guest" series with a lot of doubts, I was really not sure how positively bloggers would take it. But I have to say, that the start I got with Meena was indeed really auspicious! All the blogger friends who have got featured, whether invited by me or who came ahead and volunteered to be a part of it, have been really good in every sense, whether on the blogging front or personally. I have enjoyed each and every guest post that I have featured here. What started as a weekly affair slowly turned into a bi-weekly feature, as it was becoming difficult for me to really handle the series. Looking forward to 2014, I really don't know how I would be carrying forward the series. It may not feature bi-weekly anymore, or it may - I have to wait and see. However, I have no intentions to stop this series as such, and I would really be happy to feature my blogger friends who would love to be a part of it. Do you want to be a guest on my blog? Most welcome, all you have to is just email me and let's get started!

To end this year on a very special note, I have one of the sweetest blogger friends that I have met in these almost one year of blogging. I am sure Usha needs no introduction. Her blog, Maha's Lovely Home, is filled with innovative recipes, with snippets of her family, which includes her two lovely "Maha" boys! From the way she writes and she interacts, there is innocence written all over here. I have to say that and I am sure everybody who have interacted with her would agree... When she asked me if she could do a guest post, I went back with a definite "yes", and within a week, I had her post. Putting it on schedule, she happens to be the last guest on my blog for this year and I am really happy that she is! Without putting much from my side, let me quickly go to her post, that is as usual filled with a lot of pictures and glimpses of the sweet lady herself...

"Rafeeda"  one of my close friend whom I got in Blog world....First,I should thank blogger who introduced and blessed me with good friends.Same like you all, I came to know her through The big sweet tooth.Even the name of the blog it self showing her love on sweets and cooking.I like her quotes which she shares on every recipe.She is a proud mom of 2 beautiful daughters and I wonder some times how she manages home,kids and professional work...Personally also, she is a very good person with clean heart and who encourages,who gives support,who shares opinions honestly..We became close after meeting in FB.(Am I correct Rafee??!!!)and whenever I ping her she replies me soon and listens my good and sad stories..Thank you so much for being a friend of mine dear.I believe that you continuous the affection for ever.Your so sweet and soft..All the best for The big sweet tooth and God bless you and your family...

Thank you so much for giving this chance.Hope you enjoyed it..

Coming to my self,You girls may know at least little bit If your are familiar to Mahaslovelyhome or If you are in FB(in my friends list)..Only three lines about me which you all don`t know.. 

1. Iam chatter box but talks honestly..I write quotes  true lines which I feel from heart and  my experience.
2.More than the beauty I prefers for character.(the Issue which we couple argues all the time).
3.If once I decides that it is mine,won`t shares with others(what ever it is-food/clothes/friends or family persons). 

Still,If you have patience then go with this link to know much more about me.I know you can`t ..:)


BROCCOLI also one of our favourite vegetabe and often buys along with other normal veggies.I cook mostly broccoli tomato masala or chutney...This is the first time I used it along with dal...We couple are not dal lovers but It`s a regular one in my kitchen which I pressure cook for my little one by adding  different kind of veggies or just spinach leaves..This time for a change I cooked it with broccoli. and while searching in fridge got a cilantro cover.then thought to add some cilantro along with broccoli..Actually It`s a replacement of spinach..But,still it worked out very well..May be you guys never even thinked about this combination I feel....Cook this dal specially for those who don`t like to eat dal,broccoli or cilantro..Because I have those three persons in home.and Iam cooking this often in the kitchen.So,try this next time If you want a healthy meals.After all what ever we cook for family need love along with pinch of health ...Is n`t it!!!!!



BROCCOLI- 1 medium size
ONION-1 small
TOMATO-1 meduim size
CILANTRO-1 big/large bunch
TOOR DAL-3/4 cup
SALT-to taste

OIL-2 tsps
HING-2 pinches
URAD DAL-1 tsp


Wash well and chop cilantro, onion and tomato...Wash and cut small florets of broccoli.

Wash toor dal twice and soak with enough water for 20 minutes.

Now turn on heat and place a pressure cooker. add in that dal,broccoli,onion,tomato and cilantro with enough water..

Add red chilli powder,turmeric,garam masala,ginger garlic paste,tamarind paste and cook for 10 minutes in high flame or for 3 whistles.

Then off flame and let it release the air. Once  air released open the cap and mix well.

Turn on heat and in a pan prepare temper by adding the ingredients which mentioned  under the TO TEMPER..

Add temper in dal and also coriander powder..Finally add salt* and mix every thing..

Serve hot with white rice/rotis..


Replace cilantro with spinach..You can replace chili powder with green chillies.

If you like prepare temper with ghee*...It gives rich taste..never forgot to add hing in Temper.It`s key Ingredient for dal.

Your`s Lovingly,


Thank you so much Usha, for this lovely guest post... I have really enjoyed working with you and hope to be in touch for as long as possible... :)

Looking at how things have gone so far in this series, I am so pleased to inform that this is the twenty seventh guest post - wow!!! For all the beautiful lovely ladies who have come ahead and been a part of this series, a very big thank you from my side!!! Without all of you, it would have never been possible... :)

Wish you all a rocking weekend ahead...

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