Rose Milk with Basil Seeds

Letter-writing is one habit which is almost extinct. Are there any people who write letters nowadays? I don't think so. I was suddenly reminded about how much I used to love writing letters whether it was my D, my friends or my HD, during our courtship time and I really miss the feel of it altogether. Even though communications have become really fast, thanks to the advent of emails, Facebook and more lately, Whassup, still the personal touch of receiving something handwritten is something else. That reminded me of one such letter I had received from my D during one of my school vacations. We used to go back to India to stay for around 8-10 weeks depending upon the length of our vacations, during the months of July and August. Since phone communications were limited during that time and since I used to miss D a lot, I used to ensure that if anybody was coming back to the UAE, I would sent a one page letter for him to read. And he would faithfully reply back to it with anybody coming to India.  One time, I received a letter that I could hardly read. I was wondering what D must have meant by what was in it, when I came to know that umma was being called for to attend D''s call to our neighbor's phone (what days those were, right?). I told umma to ask him about the letter and then I learned that he had a terrible migraine and an uncle was coming to India, since he didn't want to disappoint me, he had written that letter in that state of mind that he couldn't understand if it was readable or not! Our children seriously miss the joy of receiving such hand written goodies from their fathers for sure! We love to be so instant that little things don't matter to us any more... Kind of makes me feel sad...

I don't think this is the best time to share a drink, especially when the weather is getting cooler. However, even though cold, I'm somebody who would go for a smoothie or a juice instead of a hot chai or coffee if I am really in a mood for one. I always have rose syrup handy at home, anytime for the guests, because it is quite a hit among guests who come. Put in some crunch from soaked basil seeds and the coolness that comes is just too good...

Rose Milk with Basil Seeds
Serves 3


1 tbsp basil seeds
1/3 cup rose syrup
2 cups cold milk
2/3 cup cold water


Soak the basil seeds in 1/4 cup of water, till all bloated. This will take around 10 minutes.

In a bowl, mix the remaining ingredients till well combined. Pour into tall glasses, divide the plump basil seeds into all three glasses and serve immediately.

  1. The quantity of rose syrup is all upto you. You want it sweeter, add more. 
  2. Instead of having a milk-water combination, you can go for all milk too. 
  3. You can very well serve the rose milk without any basil seeds.

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