Dulche De Leche Ice-cream - My Blog's One Year of Existence!

Last year, on January 17,  I created this blog and published this post. My first intention was to clean up my "now-on-ventilator" blog of all the recipes that I had posted. I was really not sure how far I would go - I really wasn't. I am not a good cook, just a decent one, who took to blogging to celebrate every culinary success of mine. I started off alone and the progress was really slow, which did not bog me. I am not sure how many in my family and close friend circle know about my blogging - however, I have not made this little hobby of mine really evident to anybody much, except my HD and a handful of close colleagues. I must really say that my belief that good people really exist has come in the form of all virtual hits, comments, queries and feedback. The love for food, as common interest, has given me such cherishing virtual friendships, whom I have never seen in my life, whose connection with me is only in space, yet I feel a very deep bonding with all of them.

One year into blogging has given me 261 posts, 203 GConnect friends, 397 G+ friends, 679 likes on my Facebook page and almost moving towards 150K hits. I had never expected this kind of growth and encouragement to come my way - I like to see it as Allah's blessing to me... that He has given me this platform to discover and grow my inherent interests. Even though I have tried my level best to keep my thoughts and scribbles out of this blog, I have failed miserably to say. Almost 80% posts of mine have started off with my cribbing - which I am sorry, if I have really irritated you and bored you with, but sometimes, it does surprise me when many of you message me saying that they connect with me on those words more than the recipes! Life is funny, I know... :)

to one and all... :)

Though a blogger would cook up something special for their blog anniversary, I didn't because I am passing through a dry phase in all sense and my blog is being fed with the drafts that I had overloaded when I was in a mood to cook. So I just went ahead and picked up the best I could find in the drafts - worth posting on this special day! This is one of the best ice-creams I have had in the recent past. Despite not working out much on beating it, the end result was silky smooth ice-cream... Want to know more? OK, so let's move on... :) One thing best I love about blogging is how many new things I have learned - how would have I discovered the bliss of DDL otherwise? :)

Dulche De Leche Ice-cream
Makes 1 liter approximately 


1 14oz can condensed milk
My dark colored DDL...
1 1/2 cup milk
250 ml pack heavy cream
1 tsp vanilla essence


We will start with making the Dulche De Leche - let's call it DDL for typing sake! I made the DDL from the condensed milk exactly as per this post - the best thing to do rather than me sit and type the whole thing again! ;)

Empty the DDL into the milk. Bring to warm on low flame and stir continuously till the DDL melts into the milk without any lumps. Set aside to cool.

In a container, mix the cream and vanilla essence with a whisk. Slowly pour in the cooled DDL milk and whisk well till it becomes a smooth mixture. Close tightly and put into the freezer.

Pull out every couple of hours and beat well with a spoon or fork to break ice crystals. Repeat this process at least four times. (I conveniently forgot to do it and only managed to beat it two times!) Refrigerate overnight till set.

Serve out in scoops, sprinkle some pecans or chocolate chips for an extra crunch and devour!!! :)

Before I close today's post, here is something for -
* the small circle of close people who have been really supportive of my journey of blogging...
* all those lovely blogger friends - I wish I could name all but if I miss out names, I would feel really bad! - who have come on to become an integral part of my life, in fact bigger than my real circle of friends, with their unflinching support...
* all the beautiful people who have come this way with feedback, comments and criticism in a really postive way...

The above is from my heart, and I sincerely hope that you support will continue... as long as I am able to maintain this journey... :)

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