Scrambled Egg Cheese Sandwich - My 17th guest post for Sona's Quick Picks

The new year is in... it turned officially 2014 yesterday. Let's all be hopeful that the coming year will be one that will bring us a lot of joy, happiness and prosperity, InShaAllah... :) On the blogging front, I am starting off this year with my 250th post, and that too as a guest post for a dear friend, who coincidentally is publishing her 100th post!!! :) Now howz that? 

When Sona came by with a request for a guest post, I was really glad. She is one of those few bloggers in my little list who come by like a ray of sunshine with her zesty comments. What I really love about her is her sense of humor and her style of writing. Those who regularly follow her two blogs will agree to me on this. She has this subtle but hitting way of writing, which ensures that she gets through her point without being really evident. I wish I could master that craft from her! Of late, one of her blog posts that I really loved was this one, so apt, so poignant…

Just like Sona, I am also a Keralite based in an Arab country – me in the UAE and Sona in Kuwait. However, being a working mother in an outside country has somewhat the same effects and I really connect with her in that case! Over the past few months, I have loved my interaction with this chirpy madam and would have never said “no” to any request of her. So there you go, deciding on what to give her was a dilemma, as has been a case for all my guest posts. She told me to feel at home… it felt like I was given her best seat, the best plate and the best cup with the best chai in it… hehe…

What I gave her was this sumptious but simple Scrambled Egg Cheese Sandwich and little post that followed....

To read more, do hop onto her space here. Hope you all enjoy the post! :)

I hope to receive the same encouragement that all you lovely people out there have been giving the last year... I really appreciate each and every hit my blog gets, each and every comment that comes in, each and every email and FB responses that I get... For me, this blog is like a way to know that the world is still very good! :) Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous new year ahead and many many happy moments to come, InShaAllah... 

Scrambled Egg and Cheese Sandwich
Serves 1


1 tsp coconut oil
2 medium eggs
Salt and pepper to taste
1 slice cheddar cheese
2 sliced of large wholemeal bread


Heat oil in a saucepan till heated. Break in the eggs, add the salt and pepper and scramble them. Cook till done. Keep one slice of whole meal bread ready on a plate. Spread the hot scrambled egg on it and immediately put the slice of cheese on top. Close with the other slice of bread and keep untouched for a minute. The warmth of the egg would melt the cheese and get into the egg. Devour yourself with a mug of Horlicks, just like I did!!! Yummm….

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