Cucumber Onion Raita

I know I have not been doing too much of writing these days... And I am sure that readers who are regular on this blog, can feel that there is something wrong... Hehe... it's just that I am in no mood to do elaborate write-ups before starting my posts these days. Maybe,  I will call it "the writer's block". I have been cooking and clicking a lot these days as my parents are not around and I am free to experiment, and that is kind of increasing my list of drafts to as much as possible. However, that also gives me the freedom to take a cooking break for some time and still ensure that the blog is not hungry! That is a good sign in itself, right... :)

I have posted so many biriyanis on my blog, yet, never posted the recipe of a raita. All of them have their own way of making raita, which is an awesome combination with biriyani any time. The way I make it at home, I do a mixture of how my HD likes it (with ginger and pepper) and how an aunt of mine used to make it (with a tinge of mayonnaise). The ginger and pepper gives the calming effect while the mayonnaise increases the creaminess of the raita. Off to this very good friend of biriyani... :)

Cucumber Onion Raita
Serves 4


500 ml thick yogurt (we normally use low fat)
2 cucumbers
1 onion
1 tbsp mayonnaise
1 tsp ginger paste
A dash of salt and pepper


Chop the cucumbers into small peices. Chop the onions also into bit sized peices. Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and mix well. Serve immediately with biriyanis or pulaos.

OK, so that calls for what is going to come up next on the blog - a biriyani recipe, of course! ;)

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