Custard Biscuit Pudding - My 19th guest post for Ainy Cooks

It is a pleasure to be plugging in a guest post for my dear friend Noor, who blogs at Ainy Cooks, on the special occasion of her first “blogoversary”. In fact, my blog just celebrated its first blog anniversary a couple of weeks ago, so I can definitely understand the excitement that she is going through. Even though I had started my blog with a lot of pensiveness, it has become an integral part of my life. The excitement of cooking, arranging, clicking and posting recipes, the comments that we get from our fellow followers, and even more when they let us know that our tried recipes have become a hit, the feeling is unparalleled! Here’s wishing Ainy Cooks many more years of successful recipes and postings to come, InShaAllah… 

Noor was already featured in the "Be My Guest" series during the initial days. I was so overwhelmed to see her mention of me in her thank-you bloggoversary post that she published a couple of days ago. Since it’s her blog’s birthday, I thought I will bring along with me a simple pudding, which needs very limited ingredients, available in your pantry, so easy to put together but which tastes really awesome! Let’s go ahead and find out at her space here

Hope all of you have enjoyed the post as much as I have enjoyed doing it for her. :)

Biscuit Custard Pudding
Serves 5-6
180 gm petit fourre biscuits (or any tea biscuits)
1/2 cup hot water
1 tsp coffee powder
600 ml milk
3 tbsp custard powder
1/4 cup sugar
Chocolate chips for sprinkling
Mix the coffee in water, dissolve and set aside.
In a saucepan, combine the milk, custard powder and sugar without any lumps and bring to boil. Cook till thickened and allow to cool.
In a square pudding pan, dip the biscuits in coffee and layer the bottom. Pour a part of the custard to form one layer. Dip the biscuits again and layer, pour the custard on top. Continue till the biscuits and custard is exhausted, the custard layer must be at the top. Sprinkle with chocolate chips and refrigerate for a couple of hours till set.
Slice and serve!!!

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