Easy Coconut Laddoos - Just 2 Ingredients!

I normally shy away from making Indian sweets. That is very well evident from the list of recipes up on my blog. I love sweets like anything, I can sit and eat quite a bit of them in a go but I feel really scared to make them at home, despite being in control of the amount of ghee and sugar that goes into it. And then the usages like "single string consistency" is like rocket science for me! I guess I have to slowly build up some courage to try some sweets in small quantities at home.

When I found this easy-peasy recipe which had no ghee and no sugar - just from two ingredients, how wouldn't I try!!! I had this pack of desiccated coconut staring at my face to be used and a half tin of condensed milk in my fridge, so there you go, just mix, cook for some time, roll and devour!!! It's that easy...

Easy Coconut Laddoos
Makes 10
Recipe from here


1/2 can of condensed milk
1 cup desiccated coconut powder + 4 tbsp for rolling


Mix both the ingredients in a non-stick pan. Bring it on heat on low flame and cook the mixture till it release off the sides of the pan. Ensure that it is done on low flame otherwise it will stick to the bottom of the pan. Switch off and allow to cool slightly, till your hand can handle the heat.

Smear ghee on your palms and slowly shape into laddoos. Roll in the remaining coconut powder and allow to cool completely. Devour!!!

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