Healthy Diet: "Soups and Salads" - Event Announcement

Second event of the month!!! I don't think I did it purposely... but I completely forgot that I was supposed to host Priyakka's event for this month. I am feeling totally embarassed for this, to say the least! However, Priyaakka, being a lovely soul, allowed me to go ahead with the event and here I am with the announcement! Thank you so much for allowing me to host the event for the month, dear...

So that's the theme for the month! Not that I am somebody who is inclined towards healthy food all the time, but there are times when I get the hit, I do love to prepare soups and salads, though most of the time I will have to have it alone! :( I am sure many of you do make sumptuous and filling soups and salads to reciprocate for your dinner ideas. Why not link it in here to help all out???

Off to the rules of the event:

1. The event runs from February 18 to March 18, 2014.
2. Vegeterian and non-vegeterian entries are allowed, however no pork and alcohol please!
3. Linking back to Priyaakka's announcement page and this page is very important.
4. Usage of logo is optional, but preferable as it will help others to know about the event.
5. Archived entries are allowed, as long as it is linked back to the event.

So do link in your soups and salads here, I am waiting! :)

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