Kesar Badam Lassi - Saffron Almond Yogurt Drink

As it gets dark...
Some days, I feel I have to leave the blog blank, but still cannot help myself by plugging in something. The climate is changing nowadays, to leave some beautiful mornings and evenings. I love the way the sky becomes multicolored by the time it is sunset, moving on from shades of orange to yellow to blue to black! The transition just looks so amazing. A couple of days ago, when I was out with the kids, we just had a few moments staring into the sky after the Maghrib (sunset time) prayers and I asked Rasha to name all the colors that she could see. More than what I mentioned above, she could see pink as well, it seems! Now where and how she saw pink, I really don't know, but she really vouched for it and I had to agree that ummi was slightly color blind! Hehe... Hoping to get some awesome climate with plenty of sunshine and lovely breeze over the coming days, InShaAllah... :)

Once, when the kids were sleeping, me and HD had a late lunch over some movie on the TV - now, do you guys do that? I really hate it, but what to do? My HD needs the TV on while having food! Hehe... - I was craving for something sweet to go down after lunch. Searching through the pantry, I whipped up this quick lassi which was so cooling on the tummy after a heavy and spicy lunch. I must say that I drank most of the lassi because the saffron flavor is my favorite and HD's not-so-favorite. Sometimes, he does feel that I do it purposely so that I get the major share! ;)

Kesar Badam Lassi - Saffron Almond Yogurt Drink
Serves 2


1 cup milk
1 cup yogurt, whipped
A generous pinch of saffron
6-8 almonds
2 tbsp sugar
A pinch of cardamom (optional)


Warm 1/2 cup of milk in the microwave for 45 seconds. Divide into two bowls. In one part, soak the saffron and in the other, the almonds for around 15 minutes.

Now, put in all the ingredients including the soaked milks into a blender and blend until smooth. Sieve and pour into glasses. Serve and devour immediately!!!

I just love the flavor of saffron... seriously... That reminds me how much I used to loathe saffron when HD would put it in my milk, at the time I was carrying Rasha, and now I am just the opposite... yeah, life is funny at times! :)

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