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As usual, I am excited today as well... one of the first blogs I started following when the cooking bug hit me in 2012 is being featured on my blog as a guest today. And I cannot believe that it is her first guest post! One thing I like about her blog is the amount of pure Malabar delicacies that she features on it is mind-blowing. That is the reason for me to follow her blog from the beginning and leave my comments on it. Another thing I discovered during my interaction with her is that she is from the same district as I am... so we are now eagerly awaiting to hopefully meet when we go back home for our vacations this summer - fingers crossed! Going to Kerala itself is a big challenge during the rainy season, so meeting people is an even bigger one! She calls herself lazy - and actually speaking, the activity on her blog only goes to prove it! :( - but I sincerely hope she finds more time to blog in between her housework and three children. Glad to know that she is also a doctor, but who now finds more solace in taking care of the household, kids and cooking...

Oh, I am just going on and on, but haven't introduced my guest yet... Let me welcome today, Kitchen Boffin... A little blog of delicious recipes with some simple yet awesome photography, and not to mention, those tiny tit-bits at the beginning of each blog post, which I love to read... One recipe I have tried of hers is Jeera Chicken - me being crazy of cumin and not having anybody in the household to support, had made this when my parents were off to India. I was not carrying nor I had delivered, like she mentions in the post, but I devoured it to my heart's content and loved it to the core!

Thank you so much for accepting my invitation, shaking off your laziness - like you call it! - and bringing along for me a "thani-Malappuram" specialty, which is called Avil Milk. Frankly speaking, I have never had Avil Milk in my life from any shops back home, mainly because this is more available during summers and I always go in the winters. But my umma and siblings keep going ga-ga about it. When KB wrote in asking if Avil Milk would be fine, I thought, "Oh yes, why not?" After all, it happens to be Malappuram's special contribution to the long range of cold beverages back home...

So handing over the podium to KB for her lovely guest post... :)

Hello to all the readers of The Big Sweet Tooth,

When Rafeeda mailed me asking for a guest post,I was more than happy to do it. And I was also happy that my first guest post is in her space. I have known Rafeeda for a while and is a lot attached  to her. Even before she started a food blog, she used to visit my space often and give valuable feedbacks after trying my recipes. Her comments where so inspiring that I soon longed for her visits after every recipes I published. Later I was overjoyed, when she started her own space, ‘The Big Sweet Tooth’ and became a frequent visitor here myself. She has such a great way of writing with sincerity and from the heart. Her promptness in replying to the mails and uploading her recipes even with two kids around and a job to manage has amazed me.My attachment to her was increased as I found out that we were from the same district in Kerala.

A little introduction about myself. I, blogs at “Kitchenboffin”, and likes to call myself  ‘kitchenboffin’ as that is what I am in my kitchen, a researcher. Being a home maker and a mother of three kids, I need to update my cooking skills every now n then so as to get my kids n my hubby eat well as I wish. I started cooking as a routine, but later it became a passion as I started trying out new recipes and save them in my blog. But nowadays, I am very slow at blogging as I am always busy with the kids and don’t get much spare time to photograph the recipes and type them as I wish. I gave up working just because I could spend all my time with my kids and don’t want to be careless about them even because of blogging.

When I thought of what recipe to give Rafeeda, what came to my mind  was ‘Avil milk’.It’s a recipe which is very much regional to our place(me n Rafeeda’s place) and is  available in most of the cool bars there. There was a time, when I couldn’t survive a single day without a chickoo shake or ‘avil milk’. During my college days, me and my two friends were so addicted to it that, on seeing us, the crappy cool bar guy would call to the person behind the screen. “Three avil milks, in a jiffy”.

So in between those tiresome OP sections in our house surgency, with examining the patients and diagnosing their sickness, we always found time to slip out quietly and found solace in front of those cool bars to savor down a sip of those super cold milk shakes or the invigorating ‘avil milk’. Avil milk is some where between a milk shake and a dessert. And it’s quite filling, when it comes to quenching thirst and banishing hunger. So, many a time, we have skipped lunch from the hostel mess and found our appetite alleviated with a large glass of avil milk.

It is a preparation very unique to the Malappuram district of Kerala. In fact people of knowledge says, it evolved firstly at Kottakkal, which is where my college was also situated and where I later on came to live as a daughter in law. Try this half dessert which is quite simple to make, yet uniquely flavorful and exceptionally healthy. It can be used as a breakfast smoothie or a healthy dessert.

The Recipe:
(To make 1 large cup of Avil milk)
1 banana, skinned(you can use Chiquita banana or ‘njalipoovan’)
½ cup cold low fat milk
1 and 1/2  tsp sugar
¼ cup roasted avil/rice flakes(you can also use corn flakes for a twist)
2 tbsp toasted peanuts


Mash the banana with a spoon in a tall glass.Do not blend in a blender as it makes the mixture runny. Add sugar to it and stir well to combine.Add cold milk and mix well. Then add roasted rice flakes and peanuts. Mix well and serve immediately before the rice flakes lose its crispiness.  You can add fruits or other nuts or even top with ice cream  to make it even richer. Enjoy!

Thank you Rafeeda for letting me do a guest post on your adorable blog. I loved every moment of it. Hope that your readers like it. Good day!

Thank you so much dear for coming by with a specialty of our place and sharing it on my space. So glad to have had you around. Hope all of you enjoyed this lovely guest post... :)

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