"Dish it Out - Breads from Scratch" - Event Roundup

This month, I had hosted the "Dish it Out" event by Vardini and the theme was "Breads from Scratch". The hosting of this event happened all of a sudden and was happy to do it.

However due to travelling and other commitments, I was unable to put full justice in conducting the event the way I would have loved to do it. My sincere thanks to my fellow bloggers who came their way and linked in their beautiful baked bread creations. The process of baking breads can only be experienced and never explained... the kneading, yeast proofing, waiting for the dough to double, punching it down, shaping it and the smell that wafts the kitchen while the fresh bread gets itself done in the oven is just unexplainable!!!

Moving quickly through to the awesome entries received:

1. Mayuri's Jikoni contributed with Tomato Cheddar Bread, Cheese Onion Bread, Spinach Cheddar Bread, Cottage Cheese Fenugreek Bread, Cinnamon RollsRosemary Sunflower Seed Bread and Feta Olive Basil Bread

2. Kachus' Delights linked in Khailat Al Nahl/ Honeycomb Buns.

3. Samayal Diary chipped in with Apple Walnut Bread.

4. Nandoo's Kitchen contributed with Basic White Bread.

5. Cooks Joy plugged in Focaccia Caprese.

Focaccia Caprese | Cooks Joy

6. Cutchi Kitchen bought along an interesting bread called Bloomer, Hokkaido Milk Bread, Stuffed Pulled Apart Bread, Aaloo Methi Tear-n-Share Bread, and Apple Cinnamon Swirls.

Hokkaido Milk Bread using Tangzhong - Cutchi Kitchen

7. Cook, Bake and Enjoy linked in Cinnamon Sweet Bread.

8. Kitchen Delicacies contributed with Cornmeal Bread.

Hope you enjoyed the round up, and again a big thank you to all who participated... :)

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