Healthy Diet: "Soups and Salads" - Event Roundup

A big thank you to Priyaakka for the opportunity to host the Healthy Diet event for the previous month, with the theme of "Soups and Salads". Considering the move towards healthy eating, there is much emphasis on the importance of including a lot of soups and green healthy salads into our daily eating schedule.

I appreciate every entry that came in as a part of this little event. I thought I would make two sections for salads and soups. Jetting off to see some of the wonderful entries that were linked in...

First the salads... 

1. My Style of Recipes linked in Cacik,

2. Dips Diner chipped in with Warm Lentil Salad

Warm Lentil Sald

3. Chikku's Kitchen plugged in Healthy Fruit Salad, Grated Vegetable Salad

4. Mayuri's Jikoni chipped in with Red Cabbage Carrot Soup, Quinoa Tabbouleh Salad, Bean Sprout Salad, Beetroot Carrot Salad, Tofu Salad, Mango Paneer Salad

5. My Kichenette bought along Brown Rice Apple Salad


6. Mrs Homemaker chipped in with Green Salad

7. And Priyaakka plugged in Horsegram Salad

Now off to the soups...

1. My Style of Recipes linked in Beetroot Soup

2. My Kitchette chipped in with Fragrant Fish Soup


3. Sahasra Recipes bought along Creamy Onion Soup

4. Chikku's Kitchen plugged in with Tomato Soup

5. Lincy's Cook Art linked in Cream of Brocolli Soup

6. Mayuri's Jikoni chipped in with Pak Choi SoupRoasted Pumpkin Salsa Soup, Mum's Soup, Brocolli Soup, Tomato Carrot Soup

7. Mrs Homemaker bought along Green Peas Yogurt Soup

8. Finally Priyaakka chipped in with Oven Roasted Vegetable Soup

A big "thank you" for all the lovely entries received... really enjoyed the round up and felt like I had some really good healthy meals! :)

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