Aval Kuzhachathu - Rice Flakes with Jaggery and Banana

I know I crib a lot but I can't help it... my parents go for a short trip home for a couple of weeks. I have many times mentioned on this blog the number of times umma has traveled but this time both of them are going. This is, InShaAllah, their last round trip before they wind up all for good and leave by next month. It all seems like a dream now to me. Till date, I was just pushing off my feelings as to they are leaving, I have to now take care of things myself, etc. but now as the days get closer and closer, reality bites me harder and harder. I am, Alhamdulillah, blessed to have them all this time with me. In fact, the kids were one main reason why we all stayed together. We have had our good times, our bad times, our fun times and our mad times. After all, when you have all age categories at home, the main essence is the difference. My two daughters would drive D mad with their high level of noise pollution. Surprisingly, when he is out, they are the most silent children you can find anywhere! I would tell D that they make the noise maybe because they find joy in irritating him! :) Soon those days are going to come to an end. Rasha is already mood-off with them leaving, Azza is yet to know much about not having umma around for longer stretches of time. But then, it is all about adjustments and sacrifices from now on... As far as I am concerned, I am grateful to Allah for having given me the blessing of giving more time with them, in fact more than both my siblings, and only pray that their deserved period of rest from this county would be fruitful in all ways, InShaAllah... :')

Again an umma special today... whenever we have no clue as to what to have for chai, she always gives us this... Initially, as kids, we used to hate it but now we love this to the core. Goes so perfect with a hot cup of strong chai... Aval is something that is always there at home and this snack is just mix and match, and ready to go in a jiffy. Just like the previous aval recipe that I shared, this is also a family favorite... sharing it with all of you...

Aval Kuzhachathu - Rice Flakes with Jaggery and Banana
Serves 1


1 cup aval
5 tbsp grated jaggery
5 tbsp grated coconut
1 large ripe banana or 2 ripe mysore banana
2 shallots, chopped


Mash the bananas in a bowl. Add the remaining ingredients and mix by hand till well incorporated.

Transfer to a plate and serve immediately with a cup of tea... it goes so well with Burma Chai, I must say... :)


Do not keep this dish out for long time, tends to dry up and taste different. Always make it and serve it immediately for its best taste. If in case you do not eat it immediately, add a little water to give it some moisture and have it immediately.

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