Avocado Milkshake

Avocado is one fruit that I adore totally. But I hate the fact that they take ages to ripen. Or to get good ones is like a lottery. I used to always delay buying this fruit thinking it wouldn't just ripen and then finally you go to see, that it gets spoiled! I have read somewhere that putting an avocado with a banana in a paper bag for 24 hours will ensure that the avocado ripens, and I have seen that it does work. I also found this slide which will be helpful to all of you, including myself, as to how to choose a good avocado:

There is something interesting that I wanted to share with you. This fruit is called "butter fruit" in many part of India. In Kerala cafes, if you see on the menu a juice called "butter juice", then it is avocado juice!!! While on a trip with my relatives, the cousins were raving about the butter milkshake that they had drunk and I really wanted to try it. So we stopped at the close by cafe and ordered for one each for everybody in the gang. Finally when it arrived and I sipped, I was like, "isn't this avocado?" And then I could see a lot of question marks on everybody's face... hehe...

Getting the correct consistency for an avocado milkshake is quite tricky. Most of the time it gets too thick. I really don't mind the thickness but what I have noticed that to get the rich taste, always use really cold milk right from the fridge to the blender and sweeten with honey, never with sugar. Sugar spoils the taste of the milkshake altogether.If you are able to put an ice-cream scoop on the top and drizzle some more honey... ah, bliss!!! But I had no ice-cream when I made this glass of mine, nevertheless it was licked up by all of us... :)

Avocado Milkshake
Serves 1


1 ripe avocado
1 cup really cold milk
2 tbsp honey
2 tbsp vanilla ice-cream (optional)


Cut the ripe avocado into two. Discard the seed. Using a spoon, scoop out the avocado from its skin. Discard the skin.

Pour half the milk on the scooped avocado along with the honey and blend using a hand blender till well mashed. Add the remaining milk and ice-cream and give it a final blend.

Serve immediately!!!


1. Sugar and avocado do not go together. It is just my opinion. Honey lends a different flavor to avocados.
2. Ice-cream is optional but highly recommended, if you have no risk of getting a cold! :) Top with a scoop and generously drizzle some more honey to take this milkshake to another level!

Before I sign off this post, an avocado joke... :)

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