Coconut Ice-cream

The new academic year has started... Rasha starts her journey into class 2. It just feels like yesterday, that I had picked her up and put her on the bus on her first day to playschool. She enthusiastically waved me "bye", gave me a kiss and went to sit in the seat as guided to her by the nanny. She did not even show a single sign of nervousness, nor was she ready to cry. I had a lump in my throat and a heavy heart. Going back home, for the next half hour, I was just weeping. My HD was surprised, "Is she the one who has gone to playschool or you? Why are you crying?" Valid question, why was I crying? Even though I am a working mother, the feeling of leaving the children behind, even if it is with my own parents, definitely does come with a pang of guilt. Even after all these years...

This year, Rasha is having a totally different schedule, which means that she leaves home late and comes back late, with her lunch at school. So from packing simple bread sandwiches and fruit pieces, I have to start thinking of elaborate lunches, so that she does not go hungry for the long day she will endure. On top of that, Azza is scheduled to start nursery any time, we are just waiting for confirmation to come from her nursery. She should have started school this year, however thanks to the new school laws where the child has to be four to start kindergarten, she is "age under" at three years and 2.5 months. Unfortunately, I had already put it into her head that she would go to school with her "Barbie" bag and her new lunch kit, so in order to not kill that excitement, we decided to put her in nursery so that she interacts and enjoys, rather than being at home. Once she starts, it will be even more hectic. Waiting eagerly to see how my daily schedule with two school going children will turn out to be... :)

With the summers slowly but surely creeping in, it's time for all sorts of cold stuff. Even though the temperatures are yet to really peak into the hot times, it is slowly starting to get warm during the afternoons. However I am not a person who look into making ice-creams depending on the climate. I love to indulge in home made ice-creams at any given time. This is such an easy ice-cream, which just needs putting in all the ingredients into a bowl, beating it and freezing it! If you are a lover of coconut, then this one is definitely for you...

Coconut Ice-Cream
Makes around 700 ml
Recipe from here


1 can (12 oz) evaporated milk
1 can (14 oz) condensed milk
1 can (400 ml) coconut cream
1 tsp vanilla essence


Freeze the container of evaporated milk overnight.

Empty the evaporated milk into a bowl and beat continuously till it reaches a fluffy consistency. Add in the remaining ingredients and beat till well incorporated. Now pour the mixture into a freezer dish, close the lid and freeze for four hours.

Take it out, fluff it up with a fork and keep it back into the freezer for another 4-6 hours or till set. For serving, leave the container out for a few minutes. Scoop out using an ice-cream scoop and serve!!!

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