Vanilla Pannacotta

As I type this post, I am really excited! There was a blogger who I have been trying to meet for the past almost a year. Despite being away from each other by just 15 kms, time never came for us to meet till yesterday morning. I was supposed to leave home by 10, but thanks to a nasty headache, I was forced to sleep for some more time and by the time I settled the house and I was out, it was quarter past 11. I was sad that I wouldn't get much time with her, but then there are certain matters which just need a start and then the flow will come in. So I was adamant to make it started. So finally, I meet the beautiful lady behind Gheza-e-Shirin, Humi and had a great time chatting to her and eating her home made delicacies. Thanks to her, I finally had some Aam Panna and Dahi Vada and absolutely loved it. I am not sure whether I would make Aam Panna, maybe for myself, but the Dahi Vada goes into my list of to-do. JazakAllah Khairan, Humi for your wonderful hospitality. Rasha was cross with me for not taking her along as she had her madrassa classes to attend, and Azza did her level best to rub salt into her wounds, "Thaatha, Atha Hindi chamcharikunna auntynte veettee poyallo..." (Thaatha, Azza went to a Hindi-speaking aunty's house...) Hehe... She absolutely loved Humi's chocolate cake and not to talk about Rasha, who devoured the generous pieces Humi packed for her. This was just a start and hopefully, InShaAllah, we should meet more often... :)

Off to a sweet post, as I am feeling all so sweet, hehe... Pannacotta is an Italian dessert, which basically means cooked cream. Cream, milk and sugar cooked and set using gelatine... it is indulgence at its best. It's a very simple dessert, which is the best after a heavy lunch or dinner... A dessert that my HD really loved - to satisfy his disinterest in sweet stuff is a real challenge and if he says he liked it, then that means he loved it! Hehe... just like how he liked the Creme au Chocolat. I just went for a normaly vanilla flavoring, and topped it with some melted nutella for an extra sugar kick... :)

Vanilla Pannacotta
Serves 4


250 ml heavy cream
250 ml milk
1/2 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
10 gm sachet gelatin


Empty the gelatin into 1/2 cup hot water and mix well till melted. Set aside. 

Into a saucepan, mix cream, milk, sugar and vanilla extract and cook on low flame till just hot. Add in the gelatin water and mix well and cook for another few minutes just to ensure that the gelatin is well melted. Switch off the flame and pour into ramekins. Once cool, pour into four ramekins refrigerate for a couple of hours till well set. 

Serve with a topping of your choice. I served it with a scoop of melted Nutella - delicious!!!

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