West African Hot Chocolate

I found two quotes that go so much hand in hand... One slide is a quote which is a gentle reminder as to how the Almighty can support and be with you during distress and the other is a context from the Qur'an... how soothing it is when He himself tell you that He knows how distressed you are and to leave it to Him to take care of it for you...

I guess it is the ultimate feeling of satisfaction in this imperfect life... I have come to learn that happiness lies in how you see and take things and how you can relate it to goodness. When you fixate your mind against one concept of happiness, you are bound to be disappointed and distressed. A change in focus and a high trust in the Omnipotent is all that takes to know that "all is well"... :) I know that this is something that I have been focusing on quite a bit in many of my posts, but somehow, I must say that the constant reminder to myself is making me feel that whatever happens in life is a part of the divine will and if we believe in that, the sense of calm it gives is unbeatable... really trying to learn it... :)

When I say "All is Well", as far as women are concerned, all becomes well once they have chocolate in their hand. The times when I feel I need to get a kick, it is either a bar of chocolate pacifying me or a cup of milk with chocolate or mocha brewing on... Nothing can beat the feeling of a cup of hot beverage coupled with a cosy book, right... This is one fantastic way of making hot chocolate, with the sweetness of honey and brown sugar and the cinnamon kick... Once I got hooked onto this, I have made this several times to satisfy my "unforgiving" cravings... By the way, is there any way that we can shoot down these cravings for chocolates? At times, I feel it is going slightly out of place... grr... hehe... Let's enjoy this drink for the time being...

West African Hot Chocolate
Serves 1
Recipe adapted from here


1 cup milk
2 tbsp dark chocolate chunks
1 small pc cinnamon
1 tsp honey
1/2 tbsp brown sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla essence


Add the ingredients from milk to brown sugar in a saucepan and bring to boil. Stir occasionally so that the chocolate and the honey gets dissolved. Once boiled, simmer till everything is well combined. Switch off and add the vanilla. Serve in your favorite mug and have it in hot!

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