Chocolate Meringue Cookies - My 50:50 trial

I have always mentioned previously that this blog of mine does not just mention my successes, but illustrates my failures and "part successes" as well, just for me to not lose motivation and keep trying to get better at things next time. Here is one such attempt which I was partially happy about.

Making meringue cookies have been something that I have wanted to do for long - yeah, just like many many other recipes!!! I love the soft chewy crunchy layer of addictive sweetness that meringues give. Going on to say that it is one of the healthiest dessert considering the level of fat is quite low in meringues. The main reason why I didn't want to make it is that I had to ensure that I utilise the egg yolks at the time I am using up the egg whites. So when I had the whites sitting in my fridge after making the Creme au Chocolat, my mind decided to try meringues and set up to work. My HD, who was in the hall watching a movie on that day - one of those rare days, hehe!, was curious because of my long time spent in the kitchen and then dropped into the kitchen to see this huge white mass in a bowl and was like, "Whaaa?" I know he would be surprised. I just told him to continue watching the movie and give me another hour before I would give him something with chai. And these were like a pleasant surprise for him. He couldn't believe that I had made these beauties from egg whites. They are not perfect though, it would stand up straight and went flat at every chance but the taste was just too good.

Chocolate Meringue Cookies
Serves 4-6
Recipe adapted from here


3 egg whites
1/8 tsp cream of tartar
1 tsp vanilla essence
1/2 cup sugar
1 tbsp cocoa powder


In a neat glass bowl, beat egg whites till foamy.

Add the cream of tartar and vanilla essence and continue beating till it becomes stiff.

Add the sugar and continue to beat till stiff peaks develop, ie. when you lift the beater, the mixture would stand up and not bend downwards. Sieve in the cocoa powder and gently fold.

Drop by spoonfuls or put in a piping bag and shape it on to a greased pan. Bake in a preheated oven at 150 degrees for 45 to 60 minutes till done.


1. There should be no water whatsoever on the bowl or on the beaters.
2. Be patient while beating, I wasn't. I stopped beating just before it reached the perfect consistency, that is why my cookies are flat.
3. I thought 1/2 cup was too sweet, despite reducing to this as to what was mentioned in the original recipe. Next time, I would go for 1/3 cup for this quantity.
4. Spray your pan so that the cookies come out after baking - I forgot to do that!!!

I guess I have not read much before preparing any recipe that I have read on many links for this one!!! I guess I still had to read a lot more to get it perfect. Nevertheless, what is life all about... It is about trying and trying and trying till you succeed... :)

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