Jam Cake Rolls - Stove Top!

Being in traffic is a big challenge as far as working people in this part of the world are concerned. Most of the offices start between 7:30 and 9 am and so to say, the road are clogged up from as early as 6 am. Evening madness starts from 5 pm right up-to 9 pm. Another interesting thing is that almost 80% of the vehicles have a single traveler, yes, the driver only, and that includes mine! Gets me always thinking why I can't have a carpool or use a car share, but then we always love to find umpteen number of reasons not to do it... The flexibility of driving on your own, playing what you want on your set, the only me-time you get in the mad rush of life these days, etc. etc. does not allow me to share my car with anybody or go around with anybody else. And that does mean that I am solely responsible for reaching office late if I am not able to start early or manage my morning madness... hmm... One thing I love to do when I am stuck in traffic is to observe people in the other cars. No, no, I am not peeping into their privacy but stuff people do in their own cars amazes me. People eating their breakfast, enjoying their cup of tea, doing their full make-up, biting their nails, fiddling with the switches on their dashboard, taping madly on their phones which means their hands are completely off the steering wheels, looking out pointlessly into the sky, going red with frustration, singing along with the song playing out in their car, having a boring expression as everybody else in the car is sleeping.... I just could go on and on. Off late, two incidents affected me - a car behind mine had a dad-daughter duo, the girl must be my Rasha's age. They were having a lovely time, laughing and talking, the camaraderie was so visible, MaShaAllah... another time, I saw a lady staring into her mobile and crying out, she had no sunglasses to cover her eyes and therefore her tears were very visible. I felt so bad... just quickly prayed for her that Allah gives her the courage to go through what she must have gone through then and pushed my eyes off her, not to feel more disturbed...

There was always a reason why I never tried swiss rolls, and the main reason was that I don't have a pan to make it. Or maybe I am just keeping that as a reason! The fear of breaking and having an odd looking roll does put me off to try it. When I saw this recipe at several places, I wanted to try but somehow it kept going off my mind. One morning, when the kids demanded for something sweet and I suddenly remembered of this easy swiss roll, made on stove top that gets ready in just half an hour's time! The kids absolutely loved it and it was polished off within minutes. Off to the way how it is done...

Jam Cake Roll - Stove Top
Recipe from here


2 large eggs
2 tbsp sugar
4 tbsp all purpose flour
A pinch salt
Ghee as needed
3 tbsp strawberry jam


Add eggs, sugar and salt into a bowl and beat on high speed using an electric beater till the egg expands and becomes pale in color. Add in the flour one tbsp at a time till the batter is done.

Heat a large frying pan and rub ghee all over it. Pour the batter and spread to get same thickness. Cook on low flame with closed lid till the top can be touched without any stickiness. The cooking may take around 15 to 20 minutes. Switch off the flame.

Spread the jam on top of the cake when slightly cool. Roll tightly and leave wrapped in a kitchen towel on the kitchen top for around 15 minutes. Remove the kitchen towel, cut into slices and serve.

Ahem ahem... please don't think I am going for any big time course... I just used my B's engineering book to take this picture! Since he is employed now and his books are just lying there, I put it to good use by using it as my prop, hehe...

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