Double Chocolate Avocado Icecream ~ Diary Free!!!

I know I haven't featured any ice-cream recipe for so long... Can be because it was winters over here till almost April and once the transition to summer started, the bouts of flu, cold and cough really discouraged me from trying to make ice creams. Definitely, I did not want to worsen the kid's health problems! But having a couple of avocados that were almost ready to get spoiled did not help my cause. I did not want to make a milkshake off them, and really wanted to try something different. That is when I landed up at this recipe. And didn't I gawk!!!

Yes!!! An icecream with no diary used... not even a single drop!!! No sugar used... so guilt free!!! There is no beating involved, just mix, freeze, keep out for sometime, scoop and enjoy! I must say that the kids didn't like it much because they somehow thought it tasted "different". But for me, I really enjoyed this awesome "different" icecream... definitely will make this more frequently when I have some overripe avocados for sure! Wouldn't you want to know what it is? Then go on...

Double Chocolate Avocado Icecream
Makes around 500 ml
Recipe adapted from here


2 ripe avocados (around 350 gm)
2 tbsp honey (add more for sweetness!)
1/2 cup coconut milk
3 tbsp cocoa powder
1/2 tsp vanilla
Dash of salt
4 tbsp mini choco-chips


Scoop out the avocado flesh into a bowl. Add all the other ingredients from honey to salt. Using a hand blender, blend the mixture into a smooth paste. Fold in the choco-chips. Freeze for around 4-6 hours.

To serve, leave out for 15-20 minutes, scoop out and relish!!!

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